Ovarian ectopic pregnancy: Diagnosis and treatment of this rare condition

Ovarian ectopic pregnancy is one of the rarest forms of ectopic pregnancy which amounts to approximately 3% of the total ectopic cases.

Ovarian pregnancy happens when the egg cell is not released during ovulation, but fertilized within the ovary. If left untreated, it causes potentially fatal intra-abdominal bleeding and leads to a serious medical condition.


In many cases, an ectopic pregnancy also makes the fallopian tube burst or rupture. Emergency symptoms for this condition include severe pain, with or without bleeding.

Early symptoms of Ovarian ectopic pregnancy include:

  • Light vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain
  • Upset stomach and vomiting
  • Sharp abdominal cramps
  • Pain on one side of your body
  • Dizziness or weakness
  • Pain in your shoulder, neck, or rectum

Identifying the symptoms at an early stage is crucial as any delay can lead to a high risk of maternal death. However, if this medical condition is diagnosed in the early stage then the right treatment method can be timely performed.

To treat this condition, doctors use either medication or surgery. A fertilized egg can’t survive outside a uterus; thus the doctor needs to remove it to avert other serious health problems.

Medication: Doctors can inject a shot of methotrexate (Trexall) in case the fallopian tube isn’t ruptured as it will prevent the growth of cells.

Surgery: In other cases, patients need surgery and laparoscopy is the most common procedure. In this method, doctors make small cuts into the lower belly and a thin and flexible tube is inserted for removing the ectopic pregnancy. In case, the fallopian tube is damaged, it is will also be removed.

In some cases of excessive bleeding and ruptured fallopian tube, patients need emergency surgery with a larger cut called laparotomy. However, primary ovarian pregnancy is rare and it majorly happens in young and highly fertile multiparous women.



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