Vegan Diet

Switching to vegan? You’ve got to read this!

“Going vegan” might just be the term you’ve heard from your friends more than often lately. It may be inspired by an individual’s stand against animal mistreatment, protection of the environment, or just an increased sense of personal healthcare. Choosing a lifestyle, especially one centered on eating habits, calls for a big change in your life and change demands information.

The idea is to not just go on eating random vegetables and ignore everything that other people eat (roti, daal, salads), but to understand what kind of a diet is going to benefit you the most while being vegan. People, when changing their lifestyle, often overlook a common fact that health is science and one must understand the concept about nutrients and their consumption in order to make the best out of it.

Since your vegan days start now, diet experts state the proper list and reasons behind the consumption and sources of all nutrients:-


With meat out of the picture, this is the first thing that the diet needs to take care of. Switch to plant sources such as the variety of beans and chickpeas. In addition, soya milk, nuts, and whole grains like brown rice or whole wheat bread are some other rich sources of protein.


Diet changes can lead to weakness and weak bones are not the aim of becoming a vegan. Switch your normal paneer to Tofu, consume soymilk, or go for orange juice. Keep mixing it up since, initially, adapting to the diet will be a challenge.

Vitamin D

No, not just sunlight.

Vitamin D is important to absorb the calcium consumed by the body which regulates multiple processes inside an individual. Though soy milk is ideal, one can always use supplements for this as per discussion with a doctor or dedicated dietician.


Diet needs to primarily include potatoes, citrus fruits, or cauliflower. Apart from this, an individual may resort to dried fruits, dried beans, and dark green leafy vegetables.

Note: Iron is of two types and requires different sources to maintain the balance. Observe the initial changes in your body carefully as some people might require supplements for their iron requirements.

Vitamin B12

There are a few vegan sources that have B12, but it is not enough to meet the level of human body needs. Therefore, you must include multivitamin tablets as per a doctor’s recommendation in your daily routine.


So, still going vegan? Get ready for a transformation in your lifestyle. All the best!  

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