Happy airforce day

Gaurdian of the nation, protectors of the sky

“Happy Airforce Day”

Swelled with pride, we stood tall when you showered rose petals over us from the blue skies. A tribute one can only dream of was now a reality which we beheld with our teary-eyes. Today, on the occasion of Air Force Day, we would like to express our gratitude for your earnest efforts of working behind the scenes and burning the midnight oil to ensure that our services remain seamless and we can truly serve our citizens who have affectionately bestowed us with the title of “Corona Warrior”. From transporting medical machinery to ensuring timely supply of medicines, you truly equipped us to stay a step ahead in this fight against the deadly virus even in the remotest parts of the country.

We salute the Air force and thank our honorable Prime Minister for his swift decisions and supporting us strongly in these hard-hitting times.

  • An Indian Health worker

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