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How to get rid of oily skin ?

Everyone of us are aware of the fact that our skin consists of numerous pores on the outer surface and these pores help in maintaining the freshness of the skin by removing the internal toxins and the waste material. But in case when these pores get clogged, the cells of the skin start producing more oil and further make the skin oily.

There are several other reasons responsible for your oily skin and using oily products is one of them. Any beauty product which is oily in nature can create layer of oil on the skin with a motive to protect moisture but in reality these products do more harm by generating more oil.  So you must avoid using such beauty products.

Even the use of harsh skincare creams and products can cause flakiness of skin instead of removing oil. Such products also prevent flow of oil through the pores and further leads to more blockages of pores.

Dr. Purnima Mhatre suggests washing your face regularly and gently with good face wash products to remove the excess oil preserved in the pores. This will also helps in cleaning the dust and dirt of the face by giving it a healthy glow.

You can also choose organic skin products to avoid any problem related to skin and to protect it from any side effect. In case you are facing this issue on continuous basis then you can also go for oily skin care treatment to get rid of all types of skin troubles.

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