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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A Psychical Disorderliness

Obsessive–compulsive disorder is a state of mental disorderliness, wherein the sufferer experiences the unwanted urge to ensure certain things over and over again. They get certain thoughts repetitively, for e.g., checking if the door is closed, wash hands at short intervals, counting of belongings and more. They slack control over performing certain routines or activities repeatedly.

Facts about OCD

  • OCD becomes noticeable between ages seven and twelve. In fact, more than half of the adults suffering with OCD say their early symptoms started since they were children
  • OCD is more commonly seen in boys since early stages of childhood, but women, in adulthood, are more prone at somewhat higher rate as compared to men.
  • Sometimes, OCD symptoms tend to change over time. For instance, when the symptoms of OCD are first seen in your child, they might initiate with extreme washing urges, but eventually the compulsion can swing to excessive inspection compulsions, though obsessive washing meanwhile fades away.
  • OCD prevails in 2-3% of children and adults through their lifetime
  • In quest of assurance from others that things are going all right is frequent in children and youth with OCD.

Common compulsions of OCD include:

  • Repetitively bathing or washing hands
  • Repeating specific words or expressions
  • Checking certain things, such as locks or stoves over and over again
  • Counting aloud or mentally while performing regular tasks
  • Collecting such items which has no noticeable value
  • Constantly arranging things in a certain way
  • Keeping away from touching doorknobs or shaking hands
  • Performing certain tasks numerous times

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