pregnancy workouts in first trimester

Top 6 pregnancy workouts that help women remain fit in their first trimester

For women, pregnancy is the beginning of a new phase of her life.  Obviously, being the most critical stage, she prefers staying fit and healthy. Though some resort to talking only bed rest, the fact is women should follow the pregnancy workouts in first trimester that can help them during child birth.

Exercising helps regulate weight gain, prepare women to bear more weight, and maintains the shape of body post childbirth. The most important rules for pregnancy workouts in first trimester are to pay attention on new limits of energy required and avoid falls.

Here is the list of pregnancy workouts in first trimester:

  1. Pilates:

Pilates can help you to address two major issues during pregnancy:

  • Balance lower back.
  • Pilates helps build core muscles through a series of equipment and floor exercises.
  1. Yoga:

Yoga is one of the best exercises you can do. Yoga helps builds strength and balance, keep muscles limber, reduces blood pressure and prevents osteoporosis.

  1. Walking:

Walking is a simple, yet very efficient way to keep you fit. During pregnancy as the nutrition demand increases, you diet increases with it. Walking can help women maintain their body posture during first trimester.

  1. Running: If you have never been a runner, consider other pregnancy exercises. Besides, if you have the habit of running you can run in your first trimester. But, remember not to push yourself.
  1. Swimming and Water Aerobics:

This pregnancy workout in first trimester is a blessing in disguise. Water exercises can be your real friend. The water feels soothing, the impact on body is less and certainly you don’t have to worry about falling over. Yet, one thing you must remember is to avoid twisting your middle too much.

  1. Weight Training: This exercise will help you build strength throughout your pregnancy. You get ready to bear more weight and deliver a healthy baby. Besides, you must make a note, not to strain your breathing.





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