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Tips to improve the chances of pregnancy after IVF treatment

IVF treatment is no less than a miracle for childless couples. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is a process which helps couples who can’t conceive through traditional method.

IVF is a scientific process which gives couples the privilege of having the bliss of a baby. Often parents ask after IVF treatment whether they can improve or enhance chances of pregnancy after IVF treatment.

The doctors thus help parent by giving them some tips which help them improving their condition to pregnancy after IVF treatment

  1. Maintain healthy diet

A healthy diet is the key to your success. Make sure you neither are overweight nor underweight. Either of the both can be deleterious to your whole reproduction process. Try setting yourweight plan according to your BMI. It is more likely to obtain better results if the diet is set before conceiving. Include in your diet a clean fertility diet which is more inclined towards foods which are whole grain, fibrous, includes vegetables and vital nutrients.

  1. Say bye to alcohol

Alcohol can worsen things. It is suggested to even avoid a small single glass of wine. According to a study, Alcohol collects the eggs together and thus doubles the chances of miscarriage. Therefore a patient undergoing IVF treatment should not even sip alcohol even occasionally.

  1. Make your house no smoking zone

Smoking simply ruins everything altogether. It reduces the chances immensely as smoking lowers sperm count in males and egg development in women. According to a study females who smoke are more prone to late conceiving and facing problems during pregnancy then the ones

Who don’t smoke. So if you plan a child for yourself then quit smoking minimum three months before you plan. Rather make it six to be on the safe’s side.

  1. Have adequate sleep

Your sleep affects numerous factors like increase in melatonin level which is necessary to be adequate for natural follicle production. Sleep deprivation or inadequate sleep disturbs your cycle. So it is advised to emphasize on your sleep at least a month before your cycle start. 8 hours sleep is advised as the most required sleep and in darkness.

  1. Have your vitamins

Vitamins are just too important, make sure your body lacks on nothing. Rather craves for nothing. It is given everything ina sufficient amount with time that complements it.

  1. Smile, just smile 10 minutes.

You need to make sure that you give minimum 10 minutes to yourself so that you can spend this time actually visualizing about the changes happening. Visualize how your body is accepting to new change which you have been waiting for and smile on it. Cherish it.

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  1. Saba sen 16 December, 2015 at 05:07 Reply

    hi, i would like to share my experience here, it has been 4 years of marriage and i have not conceived.Every one started taunting me,then one of my friend who also had the same problem told me about IVF treatment through which is a miracle for childless couples.And I am glad that she did recommended me ..now I am the proud mother of 2 children and i would say instead of taunting people make them aware of the treatments which they can undergo.

  2. Aditi Mehra 24 November, 2015 at 07:38 Reply

    Becoming a parent is the most wonderful feeling a couple can have.But some of them have to face problem while planning a child,then i would recommend those to go through this article as this article contined the tips provided by the doctor that can prove to be beneficial top them.

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