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When a woman is pregnant, every activity of their daily routine impacts the life inside them in some or the other. This is why every doctor emphasizes on adequate prenatal care. It is termed as the act of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.


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The pregnant individual needs to be extremely careful about the little details varying from what they do throughout the day to how well they sleep at night. In an attempt to enhance the process of care during pregnancy, doctors at Kukreja Hospital, Rajouri Garden suggest some tips to follow for a health delivery:

1. Eating habits

What a person puts inside their body creates a major impact on the baby. It is advised to keep a strong check on the diet. Iron and calcium are the priority requirements during pregnancy for healthy bones of the child and controlled blood pressure of the mom.

  • Consume at least 3 glasses of low-fat milk every day. To introduce a change in the diet, it can be substituted by oatmeal cooked in milk for one-time
  • Ensure that all the fruits consumed are washed before cutting
  • Eat small meals and avoid spicy food for reduced morning sickness. Multivitamins as per doctor’s prescription

2. Hydration

Gynecologists at Kukreja Hospital, Rajouri Garden expressed that dehydration is important to avoid constipation and low blood-oxygen levels.

  • Finish a 2 liter water bottle every day
  • Drink freshly made juice of orange, apple and other fruits
  • Avoid packed juices, extra hot/cold beverages, caffeine drinks and alcohol

3. Weight gain

Obviously, the expecting mother is supposed to put on weight since they have a new life inside them. However, they still need to keep a check on the weighing scale. Pregnancy involves a certain pattern of weight gain as per the ongoing month. Excessive weight gain increases the chances of conditions like stillbirth, cesarean delivery, etc.

  • Monitor the weight gain and discuss it with the doctor
  • Loss of weight post-pregnancy can indicate the onset of obesity

4. Exertion

Be smart about the choice of physical activities done throughout the day. It is no secret that a healthy delivery is a combination of fitness and proper rest.

  • Replace activities like mopping with dusting
  • Take rest through the day and get 8 hours of sleep at night
  • Avoid heavy lifting

5. Visit the Doctor

Under any circumstances, regular checkups must not be ignored. Generally, every prenatal visit involves various tests like urine and blood samples, ultrasound and pelvic exam. This reveals the status of the pregnant woman’s body in terms of issues like diabetes, blood pressure, iron levels, etc. Detection of unusual test levels in time play an important role in avoiding complications in the long run.

Adequate prenatal care is the key to a health delivery and the aforementioned lifestyle changes are bound to make a positive contribution towards the same.


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