Home Remedies for swine flu

Try these home remedies for swine flu

Is the upheaval in swine flu figures giving you chill down your spine? If you are looking for ways to avoid falling prey to the epidemic, then we offer you ten easy tips for swine flu home.

  1. Eat five basil leaves (tulsi leaves)in the morning. It has numerous therapeutic properties that strengthen immunity and keep infections at bay.
  2. Make concoction of giloi (medicinal name Tinosporacordifolia), six leaves of basil, black pepper, sendhanamak(rock salt), and misri (crystallised lumps of sugar). It has miraculous results on the immunity. Drink this once a day.
  3. Swallow camphor the size of tablet once or twice a month. For kids, it should be taken with mashed potatoes or bananas.
  4. Those who take garlic should have it in the morning with lukewarm water. It strengthens immunity.
  5. Taking a glass of hot or lukewarm milk with turmeric every night boosts immunity. Those allergic to milk should refrain from having it.
  6. Aloe vera (Gwarpatha)is a thick and long plant of cactus family that yields an odorless gel. A teaspoon of this taken with water improves skin texture along with healing joint pains.
  7. Pyrogenium 200 and Inflenzium 200 are two homeopathic medicines whose daily intake of two-three drops helps in preventing H1N1 virus and also preventive against common flu virus.
  8. Do pranayama every morning to keep your lungs and throat in good condition and your body fit. It works wonders for keeping nose, throat and lungs ailments at bay.
  9. Have fruits rich in Vitamin C.
  10. Wash your hands before and after having meals for atleast 15 to 20 seconds. Your hands contaminate when they touch surfaces, thus it is in best order to wash your hands frequently to keep diseases at bay.

A word of caution would, however, entail, consulting doctor for expert supervision and treatment in case of swine flu.

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