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Sunny Leone’s diet plan: Here’s all what it takes for a fit body

Bollywood’s bombshell and heartthrob of millions, Sunny Leone’s diet plan is the secret of her smoky hot body.

Karenjit Kaur Vohra popularly known as Sunny Leone is one of the most stunning Bollywood’s bombshells and a true blue fashionista who gained media limelight after fame in Bigg Boss Season 5, 2011.​

After getting media’s attention, she got numerous Bollywood projects in her pipeline with the commercial hit films like Jism 2(2012), Jackpot (2013), Ragini MMS 2(2014), EK Paheli Leela (2015) and Mastizaade (2016).

After the first film release, the actress revealed that she realized the need to work out and get her body in shape. After rigorous efforts, Sunny turned herself in the category of the sexiest Bollywood actresses with a toned figure and fit body.

She was already a vegetarian and turned vegan due to some health issues a few years back. Sunny strongly believes that being fit and following a healthy lifestyle is imperative. She visits the gym at least twice or thrice a week and while travelling for work, she practices pilates and yoga exercises.

If you admire her hot and stunning body and want to look alike, then have a sneak-peek into Sunny Leone’s diet plan:

1) Sunny’s Breakfast

Sunny Leone revealed that breakfast is her favorite meal of the entire day and as she wakes up, the first thing she consumes is a glass of coconut water or lemonade. She drinks juice for breakfast and is trying very hard to quit coffee. She eats cinnamon and brown sugar oatmeal or apple cinnamon oatmeal interchangeably for her morning meal. To avoid overeating, she follows a very clever trick by choosing a small packet of her oatmeal which gives her a restricted quantity. 

2) Sunny’s Lunch

Sunny Leone’s diet plan is set by her dietician which she follows whole-heartedly. It includes fresh vegetables with a little bit of vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Instead of tea or coffee, she drinks juice with the meal. Sunny also admits that she controls a lot and just smells food instead of consuming it. She usually prefers raw foods and juices to cleanse her body. 

3) Sunny’s Dinner

For dinner, she consumes light food only and most of the times, the ingredients are same as lunch.

4) Sunny’s Healthy Snacking Idea

 Sunny Leone’s diet plan completely drops out the idea of snacking and if she wants to have some snacks, she prefers popcorn without butter and salt. She believes that people should treat their bodies as temples and mentions that apart from a good diet, exercising is also important and one should not over consume calories. Listed below are some additional tips based on Sunny Leone’s diet plan for fitness enthusiasts to get better with their physique every day.

  • The Indo-Canadian and American actress does not promote the idea of eating less rather believes in having balanced meals to stay in shape.
  • She recommends avoiding junk food, however, it is really hard to stay completely away from it.
  • She recommends to keep your refrigerator filled with healthy foods and consume them when you starve so that you avoid junk food.
  • Staying hydrated is necessary for glowing skin and a healthy body.
  • Consuming 100 calorie snacks before proper meals is suggested to avoid unwanted calories.
  • One should not starve himself in order to get in shape.
  • Eating clean food and avoiding sugary soft drinks is very beneficial.

I always make sure that I eat healthy so that I can fit into the required dress anytime,” says Sunny.

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