sonu sood diet plan

Unveiling Sonu Sood’s diet plan!

The fitness videos of Sonu Sood are viral and very motivational for any willing individual to drag himself to the gym.

Sonu Sood is a popular name in the world of Bollywood, as the actor has achieved great success on the back of amazing performances in super hit movies like Dabang, Shoot out at Wadala, among others. He is not only good at acting, but also knows how to maintain a healthy and strong physique. The fitness freak may be 47 already, but his body defies the age and grows stronger every day.   


sonu sood diet plan

Sonu Sood’s eating habits

However, all this comes from an intense workout and strict routine. He stringently plans his workout and adheres to the schedule without much discrepancy. Sonu Sood’s diet plan is a strict one and you won’t see him messing up with it, come what may. The actor is a vegetarian at heart, although he consumes eggs every day. He eats plenty of grains and lentils to gain protein and avoids hard drinks and smoke.    

Sonu Sood’s diet plan is a strict one

  • Breakfast: The early morning meal in Sonu Sood’s diet plan includes fruits or wheat flakes, or muesli with fresh fruit juice. He eats an omelet made from 8 eggs in the breakfast, minus the yolk.
  • Lunch: When it comes to lunch, the actor is mostly keen on having some dal, roti, subzi and a bowl of curd.
  • Snack: For evening though, Sonu prefers brown bread sandwich.
  • Dinner: His dinner usually contains soups, salads, vegetables and chapattis.

An intense, but sensible workout plan

The model turned actor takes his protein shake after a workout which lasts for around two hours, besides having salad and sprouts. Although Sonu changes his exercises every week, his routine mostly includes twenty minutes of cardio exercises, stretches to cool down the body, twenty-minute workout for abs, weight training, jogging for forty minutes, etc.

“Have fun, laugh and avoid stress” – Sonu’s fitness mantra

For Sonu, it is not about lifting a lot of weight, instead he prefers working with light weight and just increases the number of sets. Besides these, he also practices kickboxing for 15-20 days every couple of months. The actor believes that there is no short cut to fitness and one is required to maintain a strict regime to have a strong body. He advises to have fun and laugh without stressing the mind and body to be happier.   

The balancing art

The fitness videos of Sonu Sood are viral and very motivational for any willing individual to drag himself to the gym. The 6’2 feet tall actor has maintained a healthy weight even with such a muscular body, as he weighs 80 kg or 176 pounds or thereabouts. His chest measurement is 44 inches, while his biceps are 17, along with a waist of 34. 

Sonu Sood always maintains a balance between the upper and lower body, although he’s stepping up his lower body training to combat the back problem. He also loves performing Yoga for attaining peace of mind and often goes to swimming. The fitness freak also likes to ride his cycle on holidays or weekends, covering a distance of around 40 km on various occasions.   

An emerging fitness idol

Even with such a physique, Sonu never has a cheat day and never skips his breakfast. His fitness idol is Sylvester Stallone, although he’s unknowingly himself a fitness idol for many youngsters across the country.   

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