Side effects of weight gainers that you cannot ignore!

The consumption of weight gainers is common nowadays among people of all age groups, especially the youngsters. These products often promise increased muscle size in a short span of time and the consumers endorse such advertisements without much doubt. There are more side effects of weight gainers than there are benefits. These supplements come in liquid as well as solid forms. Many people consume these substances to tackle the problem of low body mass, while others intend to build a strong physique. 

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Why weight gainers could be dangerous for your body?

However, weight gainers are not so helpful and can be dangerous to your body, as these products include creatine. Also, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t review these supplements before they are put up for sale. Thus, it is important to have proper knowledge of weight gainers before consuming them. These products often contain a lot of sugar and increase the risk of becoming obese. The number of risks that come with such a health condition is unparalleled. It could lead to an increase in blood pressure, diabetes, among other diseases.  


When exercising you understand hydrating yourself is one of the important component for a healthy workout. However, you should start drinking more fluids when you begin taking nutritional supplements to bulk up. When you want to bulk up fast, you need to increase fluid consumption since it helps in muscle growth and development.


Diarrhea is a sign of problem in the digestive system. From time to time, eating too much of something can definitely affect the way your stomach responds towards it.

Being lactose intolerant results in diarrhea when you have increased intake of weight gainer supplements. This can be immensely painful once you’ve had your whey protein pre-workout. The best approach to prevent or overcome diarrhea is having your protein shake one hour or two prior your workout. Also, drink a lot of water and have extra fiber into your daily diet to control these side-effects.



Mass gainers will affect one’s liver because it does a lot of functions for the human body. Besides helping in metabolizing carbohydrates and fats, it is also metabolizing proteins in your diet plan. Once you include twice greater than your standard protein intake, it also doubles the work. Also, researching and knowing what’s in your medicine, supplements and beverages will help your liver.


Just like any form of diet, there’ll always be an adverse effect when it is taken for periods of time.

Proteins comprise of amino acids which have excessive amounts of nitrogen in them. When you eat high amounts of protein diet, your kidneys work extra hard to get rid these undesirable elements in your body. A number of them are the surplus nitrogen and also the by-product of protein metabolism.

1 approach to prevent this is to reduce protein intake once you achieve your goal weight goal. Avoid going via a mass gainer supplement diet for a very long time.


Increased sugar consumption doesn’t directly influence people who take mass gainers. However, this is just one unnoticeable mass gainer supplements side effects. When buying or before purchasing mass gainers, you should be more cautious and more mindful of what it consists.

However, some branding companies deliberately overlook just how much sugar is present for each serving. Protein powders do not taste like avocado or mango shake when mixed so adding sugar is obvious. So the next time you take whey proteins, assess the sugar dose in particular.

A balanced intake of supplements may be useful

It is no secret that some of the supplements are aimed at boosting the intake of carbohydrates, fats and protein. Such products can help meet the nutritional needs of specific conditions, including kidney disease, cancer, etc. However, the problem starts when people use them as weight gaining products in the long run. When the intake of such supplements increases, the cons often outweigh the pros.   

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Nutrition derived from real food cannot be replaced

One must reiterate that the nutrition gained from artificial products cannot be matched with the nutrition derived from real food. Also, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming such products. People who consume such substances without prior consultation end up with severe health conditions, which include kidney problems, liver problems, muscle pulls, breathing problems, diarrhea, etc.  

Healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining a healthy body

Therefore, the side effects of weight gainers cannot be ignored and it is advised to avoid artificial supplements and focus on following a good lifestyle. Those who really want to maintain a good physique and avoid short cuts must refrain from unhealthy eating and drinking habits, exercise daily and sleep for 7-8 hours. A few glasses of plain water, four to five small meals a day and several physical activities throughout the week is the mantra to lead a healthy life and maintain healthy body weight.


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