high fiber foods list for constipation

Top 10 fibrous food items that’ll save you from constipation

Constipation may sound like an insignificant problem but it can ruin your entire day. Instead of work, you’ll be concentrated on taking a much-needed trip to the bathroom. To avoid such situations, it is imperative that you take-in a diet that is rich in fibers.

To help, here are the top-10 high fiber foods list for constipation you should include in your daily diet.

Beans Whether it’s kidney beans, lima beans, or black-eyed-peas (not the band, don’t cannibalize them), beans serve as a good source of fiber. Nuts Nuts are high in fiber content wherever they come from. If you feel bloated and uncomfortable with your bowel movement through the day, try cashews, almonds, and walnuts with a warm glass of milk. Oatmeal Oatmeal is quite fibrous and provides the perfect start for your day. Apart from shedding your extra kilos, it also unblocks your intestines. Cornflakes Like oatmeal, cornflakes aids in bowel movement. If you do not like the mushy taste of oatmeal, add cornflakes to a warm bowl of milk and enjoy your morning. Lentils Lentils make up the staple diet of South Asians, a reason why they don’t complain about constipation very much. You can look for lentil recipes on the Internet, especially how the Indians make it. Just ensure it’s not too spicy. Broccoli We might have hated broccoli as children but it never hated us back. Broccoli defeats constipation like Russia crushed the Nazis in WW2. You can add Broccoli to your Caesar Salad, steam it, or even roast it. Pears Pears have a number of health benefits. It lowers the risk of developing diabetes, controls weight, and has enough fiber to clean your digestive tract. It treats Diverticulosis as well. Strawberry Eating raw strawberries promotes a blockage-free bowel movement. It’s the sweetest and delicious way to fight constipation in this list. Whole-Grain Bread Sandwich Whole-grain bread is rich in fiber. You can make a sandwich with lettuce (which is also fiber-rich), cheese, chicken breast, cucumber, tomatoes, and a little bit of mayonnaise. This sandwich is filling, delectable, and it clears your bowels.   Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!

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