foods that reduce stomach acid

What wikipedia can’t tell you about the foods that reduce stomach acid?

When acid from our stomach backflows to the esophagus, it is commonly referred to as acid reflux. This is a common occurrence in the human body, but can cause troublesome symptoms such as heartburn.

If the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is weak or damaged, it fails to prevent the acid being formed in the stomach, from entering the esophagus. Under normal conditions, it prevents food from the stomach to enter into the food pipe.

The foods that you eat have a direct impact on the amount of acid produced in the stomach. The key to handling and controlling the acid reflux is, consuming the right kinds of food.

Following are the foods that reduce stomach acid:

  • Vegetables

    Low in fat and sugar, vegetables help in reducing the acid production in the stomach. Green beans, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, leafy greens, cucumber and potatoes are some of the good options that you can choose from.

  • Oatmeal

    An excellent source of fiber, oatmeal is amongst the favorite foods when it comes to breakfast. Being a whole grain it is healthy, and can also absorb and reduce the symptoms of reflux. Whole-grain rice and whole-grain breads are also some of the options you can consider.

  • Ginger

    With anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is a natural treatment for gastric problems like heartburn. Adding grated ginger or sliced ginger root to your recipes or even smoothies or drinking ginger tea can help you reduce the impact of heartburn.

  • Aloe Vera

    The aloe vera plant is a healing agent and treats various body ailments. Famous for treating problems like constipation, it also treats acid reflux. It can be consumed in the natural form, but is also available in market as a liquid.

    It can also be used as a thickener in recipes or as a congealing liquid.

  • Banana

    With pH 5.6, bananas are a great snack for people with acid reflux. However, it does not seem to work for everybody. It is advisable to see if it does the magic for you. If yes, nothing like it.

  • Melon

    Similar to bananas, melons have a pH of 6.1. They are amongst the foods that might help the person consuming them. One to two per cent of people usually complain of acid reflux increasing after consuming melons.

  • Parsley

    Parsley has long been used as a medicinal herb to settle the stomach and improve digestion. Widely available, flat-leaf and curly parsley make great garnish and seasoning.

Indigestion usually happens when we fail to realize the aftereffects of oily food. However, there are foods that reduce stomach acid, and at the same time, let you enjoy a hearty meal.

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