Food to avoid for dengue patient: Know what to eat for fast recovery

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease that is transmitted via female mosquitoes mainly of the species Aedes aegypti and, in rare cases, Ae. albopictus. It is a severe, flu-like illness that impacts infants, young children and adults but rarely leads to death. It spreads rapidly during the monsoon season but certain surveys state that the cases begin to get reported during the summers itself. It is advised to take precautionary measures, that is because sometimes the disease strikes you without any prior knowledge. There is one common mistake that dengue patients tend to make and that is not knowing which food they must avoid to recover from dengue. While suffering from an illness, consuming the right kind of food can be of great help. Understanding what is the best dengue treatment food and which dengue food to avoid can help you through a fast recovery from the illness.

Food to avoid during Dengue

Dengue, like any other illness, can be extremely hard on your body. Mentioned below are the dengue food to avoid. Following this will not only set you on a route to recovery but also ensure that your body flushes out all the toxic waste out of your system.

Caffeinated beverages

During dengue, the patient’s body needs to be well hydrated, caffeinated drinks lead to dehydration and muscle breakdown and, thus, one must avoid caffeine intake.

Spicy Food

Eating spicy food can lead to acid build-up in the stomach which can resulting in ulcers and irritation on the stomach walls. It can prolong the time period for recovery.

Oily Foods

Intake of oily foods is harmful for dengue patients due to the fat content in them. These foods can lead to fatigue and high cholesterol.


Another thing to be avoid at all costs is alcohol. It is advised so as alcohol dehydrates the organs and a dengue patient must stay hydrated during all times of the day.

Avoid Non- vegetarian food

Non-vegetarian food is a strict “No”. Your fluid intake should be appropriate and consuming warm water instead of normal water can further aid to your recovery.

Magic Potions for Dengue patients

Now that you’ve read about what not to eat, let’s discuss about which food items can help you through your recovery process. Mentioned below are the food items that will help you keep your body healthy while ensuring that you get all the necessary nutrients that your body may have lost due to the long-illness.

Papaya Leaves

Rich in chymopapain and papain, Papaya leaf aids to digestion, prevent bloating and other digestive disorders. It helps in increasing the platelet count of the dengue infected person. All that a person has to do is take two tablespoons of papaya leaf juice, every day till they recover.

Orange Juice

Any juice with a good amount of Vitamin C works best for a distressed stomach during dengue. This citrus fruit contains antioxidants which can help one fight the antibodies. Orange juice can lead to frequent urination but it is only to flush out the toxins from your body.

Amla Juice

Another food item that is good for your health during dengue is amla. This fruit is full of Vitamin C. Amla is best known for increasing the platelet count and boosting your immune system.

Porridge (खिचडी)

Easy to digest foods like porridge are among the best dengue treatment foods because they are easily accessible and even easier to cook. Also, the nutrients in porridge help dengue patients to recover faster.


Spinach is considered a good food for dengue treatment. Spinach is rich in iron, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. The nutrients present in Spinach help in boosting the immunity and this, in turn, helps the patient to recover sooner from dengue.


The little seeds of pomegranate work like a magic potion for a dengue patient. They are an exceptional source of iron and helps reduce the fatigue and exhaustion in patient.


Its high fiber and nutrient value ensure adequate strength to resist the disease. Porridge isn’t hard to swallow and consume as well. Remember to eat a lot of porridge whenever you’re suffering from this illness.


Papaya has many medicinal properties. It is a well-known household remedy across various cultures. Studies reveal that the seed is also poisonous to the Aedes mosquito. Other studies conclude that papaya triggers faster platelet production in elderly patients. All you need to do is crush a handful of papaya leaves and drink its juice twice daily to conquer dengue blues.           


Soup is one of the best foods for treating and relieving the symptoms of dengue. It helps induce appetite and alleviate joint pain.

Vegetable Juices

You can diminish the symptoms of dengue by consuming fresh vegetable juices. Carrots, pineapple, as well as other leafy greens are particularly excellent for curing the signs of dengue.


If there is a major decline in the count of platelet, broccoli must be inculcated in the daily diet of a dengue patient. It’s also full of vitamins and antioxidants. Broccoli is an excellent source of Vitamin K which helps to regenerate blood platelets that reduce in dengue fever.


Kiwi contains good levels of vitamin A, vitamin E, together with potassium to balance your body’s electrolytes and limiting hypertension and high blood pressure. The copper in kiwifruit is particularly for the creation of healthy red blood cells and building immunity against infection.

Apart from taking regular medications, the above-listed dengue treatment food items and food to avoid during dengue can help you in recovering sooner. Wish you a speedy recovery!


Daniel is our UK-based freelance Editor. As part of our quest towards credible news, Doctor's Clinic Blog India affiliates with individuals from other parts of the world to provide an in-depth focus on essential topics. Daniel received his degree from the University of Sheffield, and since then, worked to multiple sites as a freelance contributor and editor.

Daniel Martin

Daniel is our UK-based freelance Editor. As part of our quest towards credible news, Doctor's Clinic Blog India affiliates with individuals from other parts of the world to provide an in-depth focus on essential topics. Daniel received his degree from the University of Sheffield, and since then, worked to multiple sites as a freelance contributor and editor.

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