What to eat in Dengue

Suffering from dengue? These healthy eating tips are sure to help you!

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease that is transmitted by female mosquitoes mainly of the species Aedes aegypti and, to a lesser extent, Ae. albopictus. It is a severe, flu-like illness that affects infants, young children, and adults, but seldom causes death. It spreads rapidly during the monsoon season but cases start coming in summers itself. It is advised to take precautionary measures but sometimes the disease strikes you without any previous knowledge. In such situations, eating the right kind of food can be a great help.

Magical Potions for Dengue patients:

What to eat?

Papaya Leaves

One of the most common dengue treatment food options that are easily accessible and available is Papaya leaves. Papaya leaf is rich in enzymes like papain and chymopapain, which aid digestion, prevent bloating and other digestive disorders. It helps in increasing the platelet count of the dengue infected person. All that a person has to do is take two tablespoons of papaya leaf juice.

Orange Juice

Any juice with a good amount of Vitamin C works best for a disturbed stomach during dengue. This Citrus fruit contains antioxidants which help one fight the antibodies. Orange juice increases urinary output and flushes out toxins from the body.

Amla Juice

Another food item in ‘What to eat list’ is amla which is full of Vitamin C. Amla is best known for increasing the platelet count and therefore amino acids which drastically reduce in dengue.


Soft foods like porridge count as good dengue treatment food because they are easier to digest and swallow. Also, the nutrients in porridge help patients to recover sooner.


Spinach and Broccoli are considered good dengue treatment food. Spinach is rich in vitamins, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help in boosting the immunity and this, in turn, helps the patient to recover sooner from the infection. Broccoli, on the other hand, is an excellent source of Vitamin K which helps to regenerate blood platelets that reduce in dengue fever.


The little seeds of pomegranate work like a magical potion for a dengue patient. They are a great source of iron that helps reduce the fatigue and exhaustion in patient.

Food to avoid during Dengue

Caffeinated beverages

During dengue, the patients’ body needs to be well hydrated, caffeinated drinks lead to dehydration and muscle breakdown and thus one must avoid.

Spicy Food

Eating spicy food can cause acid to collect in the stomach and resulting in ulcers and irritation on the stomach walls. It can prolong the time period for recovery.

Oily Foods

Consumption of oily foods should be avoided by dengue patients due to the fat content in them. These foods can lead to high cholesterol and fatigue.


Another thing to be avoided in dengue is alcohol. This is because it dehydrates the body and a dengue patient must stay hydrated during all times of the day.

Apart from taking regular medications, the above-listed dengue treatment food items and food to avoid during dengue can help in recovering sooner. Wish you a speedy recovery!

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