ways to encourage healthy eating for kids

5 ways to encourage healthy eating for kids

“What you eat is what you become.”

The first step to good health is eating healthy. The biggest challenge that people face today, is making children fall in love with healthy food. With TV commercials showcasing unhealthy, junk food and stores displaying it, children are influenced and attracted to consuming it often. Parents should find ways to encourage healthy eating for kids.

Fostering an environment where children start loving healthy, nutritious food is the need of the hour. With too much going around, although it seems impossible, it certainly isn’t. Leading by example, parents can bring about the needed changes in the lifestyle of children, for a better tomorrow.

ways to encourage healthy eating for kids

5 ways to encourage healthy eating for kids


Having trouble making your kids consume nutritious food? Here’s what you should do:




Following are the ways to encourage healthy eating, and get your children asking for more healthy food on their plate.

  1. Make breakfast a priority
    Most of us, owing to our busy schedules, avoid breakfast. This creates a pattern where children are also not well fed in the morning, which is the most important meal of the day. The habit of not having breakfast makes the body weak, making it lethargy.

Also, make sure that you give your kids fresh fruit juices and a healthy platter to start the day energetically.

  1. Say not to restrictions on food
    This might sound weird, but let the kids eat what they want. But, make sure that you play smart by asking them to consume healthy and nutritious food as well. Deals like, ‘if you eat pizza in lunch, you will have to finish a bowl of salad in the evening’, work really well with kids. This keeps them content with their cravings and you can easily balance their meals with all that’s good for their health.
  2. Cook more often
    There is no match to home cooked food. Indulge in making healthy meals at home, and ask your kids to join in. This makes them feel authoritative and also gives them a sense of indulgence. Their curiosity to taste what they have created will lead them to the consumption of good food. You can also refer to the food pyramid for kids to check out the meals that will benefit them the most.
  3. Eat together
    Motivating children to eat good portions of food is crucial for the right growth of their bodies. Sitting together on a table and setting timings for meals makes it a part of their routine to eat. This maintains discipline and also helps in family bonding over food.
  4. Creativity is key
    A boring plate is a strict no, especially with children younger than 9 – 10 years of age. Set up a plate that looks beautiful with garnishing, and other techniques. You can also experiment the food to look like animals and other favorite cartoon characters of your children. This indulges them in the food and serves your purpose.

Healthy eating has numerous benefits, and if started at the right age, makes the body stronger. You should also give your child the best brain food for overall growth and development. Nutrition is something that cannot, and should not be compromised on at any cost. With the mentioned ways to encourage healthy eating, you can make your kids eat well and play your role of being a parent, nicely.

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