Sahara India Medical Institute introduces automated Blood Bank and EMR system

Keeping up with the latest technology and Sahara India founder Subrata Roy’s vision and mission, Sahara India Medical Institute has introduced automated blood bank and EMR system. The chief aim behind introducing this new mechanism is to save the time spent by blood banks on various kinds of blood tests.

Blood banks typically have to test thousands of samples each month. These consist of routine testing such as ABO/Rh typing and antibody screening as well as some specific ones such as prenatal and pre-surgery tests for patients.

Automation can aid in standardizing test techniques along with result interpretation. This can in turn enhance patients’ safety as it reduces human error. With the help of automated mechanisms, systems at Sahara India Medical Institute are now able to generate clinically accurate results with a disease focus. The data can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

For the uninitiated, an automated blood bank substitutes labor-intensive screening tests that are carried out on blood products. It can be used by blood transfusion sites as well as blood donation centers. An automated blood bank system can carry out tests for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and human T cell lymphotropic virus.

The automation can also be roped in for determining blood type, as wells as for cross-matching donor units for patients who need specific type of blood. Automated blood bank systems can also perform a number of varied tests per hour.

Sahara India Medical Institute’s latest innovation is helping process the blood bank services in a better organized manner. The automation has also led to early detection and diagnosis of various ailments, along with the maximization of resources, while keeping the costs under control.

Administered by Subrata Roy-led Sahara India Pariwar, the premier medical institute was faced with a number of challenges in its quest for automation. This included monitoring performance, ensuring proper regulation and compliance, keeping track of the exploding data and implementing the technology to embrace change.

“This automation has been quite helpful to us. It has enabled the institute to perform the systemic processes with more accuracy and efficiency and has led to increase in the performance of the hospital,” said Manish Kumar Pathak, Head of IT & Automation, Sahara India Medical Institute.

In line with the times, the Sahara India Pariwar-led medical institute has also introduced automation of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System. An EMR contains the medical treatment history of the patients at one place. This essentially comprises of digitalization of the paper charts that are found in a clinician’s room.

To achieve this, the medical institute has used the centralized Big Data EMR Management System which can convert unstructured data sets to structured data sets through the application. Both medical history templates and case studies are present in the database. Patient Smart Contact ensures accuracy and efficiency, thus providing better services to the patients.

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Sourabh Shukla

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