Practice yoga, eat chyawanprash: Health Ministry gives new advisory for recuperated Corona Virus patients

Chyawanprash, yoga among proposals in health ministry’s post-Covid care management rules

The Center on Sunday gave rules for patients recuperating from the lethal Covid sickness.

“After intense Covid-19 sickness, recuperated patients may keep on detailing wide assortment of signs and symptoms including fatigue, body hurt, cough, sore throat, trouble in breathing, and so on,” the health ministry said in a warning where it recorded chyawanprash, yoga, pranayama and strolls among the proposals.

covid19 protocols

Here is the ministry’s proposal for post-corona virus follow up care:

At personal level

  • Proceed with utilization of mask, hand and respiratory respiratory and practice physical distancing.
  • Drink a satisfactory amount of warm water.
  • Take immunity advancing AYUSH medication.
  • Standard housework should be possible if health permits. Professional work must be continued in a reviewed way.
  • A mellow to direct type of activity —, for example, Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation, breathing activities and every day morning or evening walks — as much as health permits.
  • Balanced and nutritious eating diet.
  • Satisfactory rest and sleep.
  • Abstain from smoking and consumption of liquor.
  • Take regular medication for Covid and also for managing comorbidities, as per doctor’s recommendations.
  • Check temperature, circulatory strain, glucose, beat and so forth at home.
  • In case of persistent dry cough/sore throat, do saline rinses and take steam inhalation.
  • Search for cautioning signs like high grade fever, breathlessness, weakness or unexplained chest torment.

At the community level

  • Recouped patients should share their positive encounters utilizing social media, community leaders, opinion leaders, and religious leaders for making mindfulness, dissipating myths and stigma.
  • Take support of community based self-improvement gatherings, common society associations, and qualified experts for the recuperation and rehabilitation measure.
  • Look for psycho-social help from peers, community health workers, guide. Whenever required look for mental health support administration.
  • Partake in group meetings of Yoga, Meditation and so forth while avoiding potential risk like physical distancing.

In medical services offices

  • The first follow-up visit ought to be within 7 days after release, ideally at the hospital where he/she went through treatment.
  • Resulting therapy might be with the nearest qualified allopathic/AYUSH specialists/clinical office of different frameworks of medication.
  • Patients in home isolation should visit the closest health facility if they complain of persisting symptoms

“A holistic approach is required for follow up care and well-being of all post-Covid recuperating patients,” it said.

At an individual level, the govt. prompted patients to keep following the Covid-19 suitable conduct like wearing a face mask, washing hands, keeping up social distance, and other respiratory hygiene.

It also recommended doing ordinary family work “if health permits”. “Professional work ought to be continued in a graded manner,” the ministry expressed in the advisory.

Worrying on the need to self-screen the health at home, the service prompted those recouping from Covid-19 to take the temperature and check blood pressure consistently. It likewise requested that they take oxygen readings on beat oximeter on the advice of doctors.

Diabetic patients have been informed to check the levels regarding their blood sugar routinely.

At the community level, the govt. prompted people who recuperated from the Covid-19 to impart their encounters to their companions and family members and spread awareness with respect to the virus.

“The sharing of these encounters via social media,” said the ministry, “will help make awareness, dissipate myths and stigma.”

“Take backing of network based self-improvement groups, common society associations, and qualified experts for recuperation and recovery measure (clinical, social, word related, occupation),” it likewise said.

The ministry additionally prompted patients to look for psychological well-being support if there is a need.

The issue of post-Covid management protocol comes as the nation is recording the highest number of day by day cases. Over the last seven days, India has been enlisting in excess of 90,000 cases day by day, which has pushed the count to over 46 lakh-mark.

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