Patients and private hospitals in UP face dilemma as govt. mandates separate blocks for Covid-19 patients

The number of Covid-19 cases has been surging with each passing day and for a state like Uttar Pradesh, the main concern is lack of proper testing facilities. In light of the patients’ plight who had to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest metro cities like Delhi NCR for availing level 3 Covid-19 treatment, it is commendable on the part of several hospitals that have taken the initiative of dedicating separate wards and floors for coronavirus patients.

A concern has emerged with the directive issued by the UP government which states that the hospitals treating Covid-19 patients have to either dedicate their entire facility or create a separate block for the patients. What is ironic is the fact that when coronavirus initially broke out rampantly, participation from the private hospitals was in dire need. Today, when these hospitals are putting their best foot forward, the policy seems to pose a major hindrance. Moreover, hospitals are meant for providing ‘comprehensive’ healthcare services and if an entire facility are to be allocated for Covid-19 patients, the non-Covid patients requiring regular treatment like cancer patients, heart, kidney patients and other critical patients are being ruled out.

It is mainly the patients who will be bearing the brunt. The exorbitant medical costs have already been a major concern for them and the need to travel to Delhi NCR for treatments adds to their worries. In addition to this, considering the fact that private hospitals in Delhi are already crowded with Covid-19 patients, it is highly unlikely for the patients hailing from UP to get admissions, let alone undergoing a treatment in a seamless manner.

Maintaining social distance is one of the top measures we are supposed to undertake for preventing coronavirus infection however, the new policy that has been rolled out seems to be instigating otherwise. This can take a heavy toll on the patients and may even lead to a surge in the number of cases.

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