Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Like Ibuprofen Dose Don’t Exacerbate COVID-19, Says Latest Study

The ongoing COVID pandemic has spurred many new studies and experiments to be conducted as scientists and doctors race against time to figure out the best course of treatment. In yet another breakthrough, the scientific community has published a report saying that the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs is not detrimental to COVID patients.

An earlier study had reported that such drugs could either worsen or supress COVID-19 depending on the timing of intake. However, the latest findings reveal that anti-inflammatory drugs pose no significant risks to COVID patients.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are used to treat acute pain and rheumatological diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. They are the most common form of pain relievers used all over the world and a significant percentage of the global population is dependent on them to carry out their daily activities.

The study conducted in the United Kingdom involved 72,000 patients. During the course of the study, recorded data showed that a third of the patients (30.4%) who succumbed to COVID-19 were on NSAIDs before being hospitalized. A similar mortality rate of 31.3% was observed in patients who did not take NSAIDs beforehand. This proved beyond a doubt that the use of NSAIDS “do not increase the mortality or severity” of Covid-19.

Great care was taken to ensure that the recorded data would provide the clearest results. Model analysis were employed to factor in the usage of NSAIDs prior to hospitalization, the severity of the disease, requirement of any critical care and oxygen ventilator or possible kidney infections, which were then tallied against patients not on NSAIDs.

Commenting on the development, Dr Sandeep Mogre said, “Use of NSAIDs is definitely not an issue but there is a protocol that must be followed. Treatment has to start first with paracetamol. Then, if needed, ibuprofen, then asprin, etc.”

Ewen Harrison, professor at the University of Edinburgh and a lead author in the study, said that the pandemic necessitated the conduction of such studies to ensure that common medication did not interfere with the treatment of COVID-19.

“We now have clear evidence that NSAIDs are safe to use in patients with Covid-19, which should provide reassurance to both clinicians and patients that they can continue to be used in the same way as before the pandemic began,” he concluded.

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