All About Nephrology

All About Nephrology

Nephrology, segment of medicine and pediatrics, involves the study of functioning and diseases related to kidney. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of syndromes concerning kidney, such as, hypertension and electrolyte disturbances, renal replacement therapy, dialysis and more. Majority of the diseases that affects the kidney are generally systemic disorders that is not just limited to that particular organ and thus it may require exceptional treatment.

Examples take in conditions such as autoimmune diseases (lupus) and systemic vasculitides (ANCA vasculitis) plus inborn or genetic conditions like polycystic kidney disease. People suffering from diseases like chronic kidney disease, proteinuria, kidney stones, acute renal failure, hypertension must consult nephrology specialists to avail proper treatment.

Nephrology deals with various treatments like blood products, medications, surgical interventions like vascular, plasma exchange, urology, or surgical procedures, renal substitution therapy like dialysis or kidney transplantation etc. No doubt being an imperative organ of our body, Kidney diseases can have major consequences on quality and length of life. Therefore, psychosomatic sustainability, health edification and basic healthcare planning play major part in nephrology.

And where the chronic kidney diseases are concerned, they are usually handled with curing of causal conditions like diabetes, averting of matters harmful to the kidneys (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and nephrotoxins like radiologic contrast), anti hypertensives, diet and mass adjustment and preparation for last-stage kidney malfunction.

Following are the treatments provided under Nephrology:

1. Conservative management of Chronic Kidney diseases

2. Routine Dialysis

3. Renal Transplantation

4. Emergency Dialysis

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