low level laser

Low Level Laser Therapy

Cancer is a deadly term that brings along a variety of mischievous like pains, disorders, treatments, and many more. The patients having head and neck cancer are diagnosed with treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy whose adverse side effect is generally seen as Oral Mucositis. Modern laser treatments have invented as LLLT  (low level laser therapy) that helps to prevent OM and various other cancer concerns, like tumors. The LLLT laser treatments use light waves of diode laser with high energy and influence to heal analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory effect, and wounds. LLLT is a non pervasive and a traumatic treatment therapy that uses high density monochromatic narrow-band light source to treat Oral Mucous.

LLLT laser treatment is highly useful to treat OM and skin cancer patients that manage the tumor growth. The LLLT uses high density monochromatic narrow band light sources with an output range from 5 to 200 mW and diode laser having a wavelength of 630-680, 700-830, and 900 nm. Laser treatments maximizes the collagen production, which is a fibroblast cell propagation that results in the detoxification of free radicals produced by the Oncological treatments. Oncology is a medical branch of science that treat with tumors. The dermatologists also use this LLLT to treat acne, wrinkles, hypertrophic scars, and burns. The inflammatory diseases like psoriasis and pigment disorders are also healed with LLLT.

The head and neck specific treatments are best studied by examining their oral functions, such as dryness in the mouth, swallowing, voice strength, and pain. DiponED is one of the reputed names as the best healthcare service providers in Bangalore. The DiponeED Biointelligence provides the high end clinical laboratory and research services in Bangalore. The laser treatments are always given in number of sessions by adhering to the amount of recovery individual patient is adapting. The patient assessments are studied with pattern of improvements, wherein a follow up of minute treatments and reporting of particular actions and reaction must be provided.

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