Dr Gautam Allahbadia

Here’s all what you need to know about Ovulation and Conception before planning a baby 

A Dubai-based expert on assisted reproduction, Gautam Allahbadia talks about various facts that women should know before planning to have a baby. Ovulation is an extremely important part of the reproduction process. In spite of this, a majority of couples overlook the monthly affair while planning to conceive. A number of doctors and medical experts have highlighted the fact that a major reason for conceiving complications experienced by women is the lack of awareness about Ovulation and its significance.

 Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

New eggs are not created by the body every month

Each month, women discharge an ova. However, do you know that these eggs are not created every month? Well, the fact is, a woman is born with all her eggs. The number and quality of eggs in the ovaries decreases with the passage of time. With age, the genetic stability decreases, making women of 35 plus at a greater risk of miscarriage, infertility or having a child with a genetic disease. However, according to Dr Gautam Allahbadia, egg freezing can help in preserving women’s fertility. “Women who want to delay parenting until after 35 often opt for cryogenic preservation of eggs. They freeze their eggs when they are in their 20s, in hopes of using their younger, healthier eggs later in life,” said Dr Gautam Allahbadia, head of the IVF team at Millennium Medical Center (MMC) IVF, Dubai.

One’s physical and mental condition impacts the process of ovulation months before your pregnancy

Eggs in the body get matured into a ready-for-ovulation stage for several weeks prior to being released out of the body. Women’s living style before and during this period of maturation determines the eggs’ health.

According to Gautam Allahbadia, what you eat during preconception can affect your fertility and your not-yet-conceived baby’s health. The presence of folic acid is great for the mother as well as the child. Another major fertility health risk remains smoking, which not only lowers your fertility but also increases the rate at which the eggs in your ovaries age. Smoking during pregnancy is the worst of choices one can make.

Menstruation and ovulation are dissimilar

The common notion of believing menstruation and ovulation as the same is not correct. It is quite possible that eggs might not release during menstruation. Women may also go months without getting their period.

Dr Gautam Allahbadia, an IVF specialist, suggests, “Just because you get a period doesn’t necessarily mean your ovulation or your fertility is normal as well. In case your cycles are irregular, you must speak to your doctor before you start planning a pregnancy”.

Pregnancy is not committed by Ovulation

Although healthy ovulation is important for a healthy pregnancy, just this is not enough for making an egg ready to conceive.

“For a successful pregnancy, sperm must be able to reach the egg, meaning that the fallopian tubes must be clear and healthy. Also, the fertilized embryo needs a place to implant and develop, so the uterine environment must also be fertility-friendly,” explains Dr Gautam Allahbadia. Despite regular cycles, eggs of a woman in her 40’s might not be ideal for conception.

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