Chennai Fertility Center: An Outline of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is the disorder that develops in the body of a female due to the forming of blood clots in the reproductive organs. It is a widespread, yet scantily understood disease. It can hit women of any age and researches show that 30-40 percent of women suffering from endometriosis end up losing their fertility. Researches reveal this problem to be one of the three chief reasons for female infertility.


While a few women with endometriosis may experience extreme pelvic pain, there are some who feel absolutely no pain. Nothing regarding endometriosis is specific, and there are no 100% effective cures for this particular disorder. This problem can become the reason behind immense stress for the woman who suffers from it. This can adversely affect her capacity to work and her relation with her partner.

Endometriosis is often found in the ovaries, on the fallopian tubes, and the ligaments supporting the uterus, in the inner territory between the vagina and rectum, on the external surface of the uterus etc.

There are no specific causes behind the occurrence of Endometriosis yet a lot of researchers state that a women’s lifestyle is a major factor behind this disorder.

Experts from Chennai Fertility Center say that this problem cannot be cured completely but with the help of reliable medical assistance it can be minimized to a certain extent.

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