Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital: A pioneer of New Delhi’s healthcare infrastructure

The lack of affordable healthcare is one of the most pressing issues plaguing the world at present. Despite the numerous advances in science and medicine, affordable healthcare is still beyond the reach of many. To tackle the issue, many hospital and healthcare chains have been established with the sole aim of providing quality medical care sans the exorbitant fees.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, part of the Apollo Hospital Group, is one such hospice. It is one of the most affordable hospitals in Delhi and is the second-most profitable medical center in the region, thanks to the multitude of patients who come in for their treatment. It is a multi-specialty hospital that also offers super specialty tertiary care. Spread out over 15 acres, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital has a built-up area of 600,000 square ft. There are currently 695 beds at present, with the option to expand to a 1000 should the need ever arise.


The hospital first opened its doors in 1996 and has provided selfless care to innumerable patients who throng its hallways for the last 25 years. The hospital is part of the famous Apollo hospital Group founded by Dr. Prathap C Reddy in 1983 as India’s first corporate healthcare chain. The Group’s focus is on providing affordable and easily accessible medical facilities to the common man.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital holds the distinction of being the first Indian hospital to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) USA in 2005. By 2011, the hospital had received its fourth consecutive re-accreditation, bestowing on itself the first hospital in India to achieve such a rare honour.

Features and Specialties

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital, offering diverse services to patients seeking treatment. From Advanced Pediatrics to Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery to Infertility Care, the hospital is well-equipped to handle any situation. Cancer, Robotic Surgery, Spinal cases and Vascular and Endovascular Surgery is also handled by the institute.

Staying true to its legacy of excellence in healthcare unparalleled till today, the hospital leverages state-of-the-art technology to provide it patients with the best of services bar none. Robotics, in particular, is something the Apollo Group has heavily invested it, believing it to hold unmatched potential.

Doctors Panel

Some of the most accomplished and internationally acclaimed doctors ply their trade at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. Some of the best practitioners include –

  • Veena Kalra – Pediatric Neurologist (Senior Consultant)
  • Ravi Bhatia – Neurosurgeon (Senior Consultant)
  • Harmeet Malhotra – Gynecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon


Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is located at Sarita Vihar, Delhi Mathura Road, New Delhi. Its PIN code is 110076 and is easily accessible though the National Capital Region’s transport system. Its customer care service is online 24×7 and can be reached through this number : +91-11-71791090 / 1091. The hospital’s emergency number is 1066 and the air-ambulance service can be availed by calling  +91-9958290198. The hospital can also be reached through email – or

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