causes of itchy breasts

Itchy under your shirt? Find out what could cause itchy breasts

While your itching may not be permanent, it could be an indication that something isn’t exactly right with your body. Mentioned below are a few reasons why your breasts might be tingling and itching:


    Chemicals used in the detergents or soap can trigger itching. Perfumed soaps and products can further irritate your skin and cause your breasts to itch.


    Much of the time the reason behind the itchiness is your garments. The fabric used in your inner wears or clothes might be scratchy or it might be excessively tight or not permitting ventilation.


    You probably won’t know it however you may have skin inflammation. Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes dry and inflammation that can appear as a red rash. If you’ve had itchy breasts for some time and you can’t pinpoint why, skin inflammation could be the reason.


    Often termed as “underboob sweat”, the sweat build-up can attract yeast infection and cause itching on the breast.


    It is not an uncommon symptom of pregnancy. In fact, changing hormones during pregnancy can cause your breasts to itch. Change in weight can also contribute to the itching as when the weight increases, your skin stretches and it can trigger the itch and cause you discomfort.


    If you’ve been exposed to the sun a lot, it could be a sunburn that causes itchy breasts along with skin redness.


    If your breasts are tingling constantly and none of the above mentioned causes could be the reason behind it, you might need to do a blood test and see whether you’re experiencing the ill effects of a thyroid issue. Ladies experiencing hypothyroidism are inclined to dry skin, which can prompt irritated breasts.


    A few types of medicines can cause side effects that can cause itchy breasts. In this case, it’s wise to ask your doctor whether your medications could be the reason.

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