Female snoring how to stop it

What is so concerning about female snoring & how to stop it

Snoring is a common but disruptive activity, occurring while a person is asleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, at least 37 million adults are said to snore regularly. Snoring is a noisy breathing sound produced when the tissues vibrate with the upper airway. The condition is not dangerous but can be concerning. It usually happens due to the disturbed nose and throat air movement. The position of your tongue can also hinder the process of smooth breathing. Nowadays, the main concern is female snoring how to stop it.



Female snoring how to stop it

Female snoring how to stop it

The way you snore also indicates the reason behind it, which may include:

  • Closed mouth snoring – a potential problem with the body placement
  • Open mouth snoring – indicates a problem with the tissues present in the throat
  • Snoring in all sleeping positions – severe snoring might need a medical examination
  • Snoring when sleeping in back position – indicating a need to change sleeping, and lifestyle patterns

The causes of snoring can be various, however, they come down to factors such as age, sleep posture, nasal, and sinus problems, alcohol consumption, smoking, hereditary, and medical drugs.

Women snoring: why it can be worse?

According to a new research, women who suffer from sleep apnea are at a greater risk of heart problems than men. Snoring can sometimes be more than just a common condition and can hinder your breathing. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), is a serious health threat that risks heart, and can also cause a stroke.
Blocked airways cause blood pressure to spike over time, which can deteriorate heart condition.
An analysis showed that “In both genders of the OSA and snoring groups, there was an increase in left ventricular mass, meaning that the walls of the heart’s main pumping chamber are enlarged, making the heart work harder,” said Dr. Adrian Curta.
But researchers found a more weighty difference in the left ventricular mass in women than in men, concluding women are at higher risk for cardiac problems than men. So following are some remedies regarding female snoring how to stop it.

Female snoring how to stop ?

Remedies for women snoring:

1. Weight loss- Being overweight makes you more susceptible to snoring. Routine exercise and a well-balanced diet can help you reduce weight

2. Elevate your head- Use a support to recline your head while sleeping. It will help in keeping your airway passage open and avoid snoring

3. External nasal dilator- Widening the nasal passage, stick-on nasal strips or an external dilator can be placed to smoothen your breathing process

4. Avoid alcohol or calmatives before bed- Do not consume any calmatives or alcohol before going to sleep

5. Get an ample amount of sleep- Doctors recommend seven to eight hours of sleep to work efficiently. It can also help in reducing snoring.

Everyone snores sporadically, but it is usually not a cause of concern. These remedies can help stop snoring, especially for women, and people in general. They can also help in improving the quality of your sleep.

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