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Why Smoking is Bad For Your Teeth?

All of us probably know that smoking is injurious to our health, but, did we realize that smoking can have considerable harmful effects on our oral health as well? Here are some of the prominent dental problems that are caused by smoking:

  1. Increased risk for oral cancer

Approximately 40,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in India every year. And, a study conducted by top root canal specialist in Koramangala, stated that seven out of ten oral cancer patients were compulsive smokers. Oral cancer is likely to be diagnosed by your dentist during an oral cancer test.

  1. Greater risk for gum disease

Smoking has been associated with higher occurrences of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gum disease which are left untreated leads to severe infections of the mouth and results in soft tissue and bone damage, ultimately resulting in tooth loss.

  1. Tooth Discoloration

Smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to darkening of your teeth. Excessive smoking gives rise to brown and black stains on the surface of teeth.

  1. Sensitive Teeth

Roots are comparatively less secured from hot and cold sensations than the enamel enclosed crown of your tooth. The depletion of gum tissue caused by smoking can result in tooth sensitivity that makes eating and drinking painful.

  1. Leukoplakia

Leukoplakia is a state in which substantial white patches build up on the tongue, cheeks and gums. Usually, it is not painful, but in rigorous cases, it can lead to oral cancer. Leukoplakia is mainly caused by smoking.

  1. Bad Breath

An obnoxious smell from smoke particles enduring in the mouth and lungs, often known as smoker’s breath, is one of the most apparent dental health problems caused by smoking.

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