ways to combat the rising smog and pollution

After the festive fiesta, we bring you few ways to combat the rising smog and pollution

On Diwali, smog and pollution are the new additions which visit us at this time of year. With an unending supply of sweets, this is also the time when the elderly and the young ones start suffering from respiratory ailments due to the unhealthy and polluted air. Smog can affect your health adversely and impact your lungs as well. After the celebration, comes the change in temperature, poor air quality which leads to breathlessness, cough, bronchitis and throat infection. The hazardous elements and smoke which are generated from firecrackers can dull this festival of lights as the thick layer of smog engulfs the whole city. Read on below to know some of the ways through which you can curb the pollution and safeguard your lungs.


During Diwali, wearing a mask with filters can filter out at least 95% of airborne particles. It is advised that you wear a mask while stepping out from the house, in traffic, and in other public places. Investing in a mask that is a good fit helps prevent dust particles from getting into your nasal passage and lungs.


There are certain foods that will help you in building a strong immune system. Foods like jaggery which are present in every kitchen are packed with iron which helps fight air pollution. Vitamin C rich foods take care of your lungs, having lemons, orange, kiwi, yogurt, garlic can promise better immunity. Grandma’s favorite ingredients like honey and turmeric have great healing properties, adding these two in your diet will work as an antioxidant.


During heavy smog, one should have a routine of taking steam and gargling. These two additions can relive you from congestion and clear the mucus out. Doing it before going to bed will help you sleep better.


Due to heavy pollution it is not only your respiratory system which can be affected but even your eyes can experience some discomfort. Watery eyes, redness, itchiness or burning sensation are the common symptoms. Splashing water on your eyes and blinking more can refresh your eyes.


These are the few remedies that can help protect oneself from the hazardous pollution level. Although, it is advised to consult your nearest doctor if the lung-related problems aggravate.

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