basal body temperature

Know all about basal body temperature for natural family planning!

A type of natural family planning, basal body temperature is a fertility awareness-based method. Basal body temperature is the temperature of the body when it is entirely at rest. At basal body temperature, ovulation may take a slight increase.

A person is most fertile two or three days before the body temperature rises. You can predict your ovulation by tracking your basal body temperature every day. It will also help you in determining when you are most likely to conceive.

You can use the basal body temperature method to determine the best days to have sex if you are planning to get pregnant. Similarly, you can also use basal body temperature to determine days to avoid unprotected sex, if you are hoping to prevent pregnancy.

 How do you prepare?

It doesn’t require special preparation. It is advised to consult your health care provider while using basal body temperature for birth control if you are breast-feeding, approaching menopause, or recently gave birth or stopped taking birth control pills or other hormonal contraceptives.

How to do it?

You can use a digital oral thermometer or one which is specially designed to measure basal body temperature. Measure your basal body temperature every morning before getting out of bed.

Track your basal body temperature on graph paper and look for a pattern to emerge. The basal body temperature generally rises ½ degree F during ovulation.

You are most fertile about two days before basal body temperature rises. Sperms can survive in the reproductive tract for up to five days. Plan sex carefully during fertile days. You can use this time according to your hope, whether to conceive or not.


There are no such risks. But there are some factors which can influence basal body temperature such as illness or fever, stress, alcohol, etc.

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