Remidio Changing the eye care industry with its Mobile retinal imaging device

The five senses are dominated by vision, which is essential to every aspect of our life. Face-to-face communication is essential to interpersonal and social interactions because the information is communicated through non-verbal cues like gestures and facial expressions.


Remidio is changing the eye care industry with a new and advanced retinal imaging device. The technology it uses is based on smartphones. Any digital device can be used as an attachment for its Fundus or Retinal Imaging device which makes it easy to carry anywhere. The challenge with the regular tabletop Fundus device is that they are heavy and need a lot of care and maintenance. In comparative research, it was found that the device is very comfortable and gave equally good results as the tabletop device.


The company is run by Anand Sivaraman based out of Bangalore, India. Recently it has received funding from Boundary Holding a Luxembourg-based organization founded by Rajat Kare. Both the founders believe that AI is going to change the way we use technology today.


The eye care industry is dependent on the various retinal imaging device available. In the test conducted the devices ranged from Zeiss Visucam, Odoc visocope, Volk InView, and Volk Picture Plus. The Remidio Non-Mydriatic Fundus On Phone (NMFOP) is an infrared, smartphone-based fundus camera.


All the tests were conducted by experts from the field. There were various opinions shared by them, one of them being the usability of the device. Most of the people found it very comfortable to use and said that it is going to be very easy to carry around.


There are more than 2.5 Lakh eye surgeries carried out every year. World Health organization wants to give an economical option to countries like Congo, Angola, Burkina Faso, and many more on the list with the best eye care possible. Currently, there are at least 2.2 billion vision impairments worldwide, of which at least 1 billion could have been avoided or have not yet been remedied. The lack of educated eye care professionals, discrepancies in the coverage and quality of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services, and the inadequate integration of eye care services into health systems are just a few of the many difficulties the world faces when it comes to eye care.



With the technology built by Remidio and the support of Boundary Holding, it is bound to move in a direction to make the world better. Rajat Khare is an entrepreneur who believes that new technological advancements must be encouraged. This would give many upcoming businesses a positive direction to work towards solving a bigger problem. We need to believe in the idea of giving more to society.

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