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Yoga – The ultimate care package for mental health

In the course of human history, few practices have resisted the sands of time and clung on to their relevancy. As years roll by, old practices are discarded for what is perceived as ‘modern’ and befitting an evolved society. However, the annals of history have failed to check the growing popularity of the age-old practice of yoga.

Lavish praises have been heaped on yoga and tales of its potency passed down from one generation to the next. Recent scientific studies have also backed up such claims, lending credit to yoga’s restorative powers. The benefits gained from practicing yoga are countless – healthier lifestyle, anger management, improved concentration and focus, reduced stress and anxiety.

Out of the multiple benefits of yoga, one that stands out is the mental health aspect. Given the current pandemic situation that has forced us into isolation, mental well-being has become a critical health issue. Humans are social animals and long periods of isolation can severely affect our mental state. Video games and similar entertainment products only serve as temporary distractions. This is where yoga comes into its own.

Yoga does not judge nor demand; it simply exists and asks that you give it a shot. Yoga is one of the easiest practices to get into. All its poses are easily customizable to suit your tastes and comfort-level. When you do yoga, it becomes a sort of a ‘me-time’. The focus is all on you and your connection to your inner self. This unique combination of meditation whilst putting your body through the works introduces you to a sense of peace and calm, unfelt before.

The sense of purpose gained while practicing yoga allows you to be more in touch with yourself and dispels all inklings of self-doubt and boosts your confidence level. The renewed vigor and enhanced focus helps many people cope with anxiety and panic attacks and also tackles depression effectively. The world needs yoga now, more than ever before. With cases of depreciating mental health and stress-related problems multiplying as a result of the pandemic, the global community could do with the healing touch of this ancient practice.

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