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Vipassana Sets You Free, But You Must Have The Will To Survive The First 10 Days

Rajat Khare, a well-known entrepreneur and the creator of the Luxembourg-based investment fund Boundary Holding, has discovered the purest way of life by returning to the fundamental values of Yoga, which he wishes to share with the global community of entrepreneurs. Yoga, he claims, is the one-stop solution to all of life’s issues, large and little. It has aided him in making better decisions and has brought him serenity and happiness in both his personal and professional lives. The successful businessman and Yogi has created a Facebook page dedicated solely to educating others about the importance of yoga. Yoga, he claims, not only strengthens the body but also helps people gain control of their minds.

The IIT Delhi alumni is the co-author of “Make The Move – Demystifying Entrepreneurship” and has cofounded numerous firms in the domains of education, government information technology, hedge funds, franchising, data analytics, and many others. His investment firm invests on artificial intelligence and deep learning-related industries in emerging markets around the world, allowing the technology to advance and form a better and more advanced future for everyone. At the President’s residence, late Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam praised his entrepreneurial achievements. He found solace in yoga to help him cope with his entrepreneurship journey, and he soon noticed the favourable benefits it had on his psychological and material well-being.

He says, ‘What began as a physical practice soon started cleansing the mind and then the soul.’ To explain how yoga can be used to address the problems of entrepreneurship he says, ‘As entrepreneurs, we need to evolve from pure passion to creating a venture of purpose – promoting peace, harmony, and happiness.’

Rajat Khare, while being new to yoga, has made it an intrinsic part of his life, particularly Vipassana meditation. By practising yoga religiously, the travel enthusiast and full-time entrepreneur has been able to bring focus, clarity, and equanimity into his life, bringing balance to his existence.

Baba Ramdev, an Indian yogic teacher, spoke of an Ayurvedic remedy—the medicinal herb ashwagandha and Yoga, the ancient techniques—to help improve immunity against the dangerous disease in March this year, when the country had yet to suffer the terror caused by Coronavirus. Yoga has grown in popularity since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposal for an International Day of Yoga was accepted on June 21, 2015. While medical study continues, the world can benefit from Yoga’s alternative therapeutic capabilities.


Yoga should be practised as a way of life when businesses grow up to revitalise the different economies and sustain the lifestyle of millions. Rajat Khare, a Yogi entrepreneur and founder of the Luxembourg-based investment company Boundary Holding, claims that Yoga has improved his decision-making abilities, making him content in both his professional and personal life.

Rajat Khare has a Facebook page where he emphasises the value of Vipassana meditation in better comprehending life and the law of impermanence. It’s frequently described as a type of meditation that aims to get “insight into the true essence of reality” while also resolving concerns in daily life.

Similarly, American entrepreneur Lizzie Brown and her husband, through their establishment Yoga Wake Up teach entrepreneurs how to practice meditation and basic yoga postures each morning before starting work. “If you make the decision and commitment to do Yoga, it would help you through any kind of ailment, whether it’s physical or mental or even emotional,” Brown said.

Yoga and dhyana (meditation) have been practised by yogis for ages! Given the uncertainties around COVID-19 and the dwindling number of business prospects, it is past time for entrepreneurs, more than anyone else, to recognise its immense power.

The benefits of Vipassana meditation

Rajat Khare, a deep-tech investor located in Europe, has been practising mindfulness meditation and yoga for more than a decade. It aided him in navigating the difficulties and demands of starting a firm that demanded complete focus and dedication.

“Graduating to Vipassana was a step taken to achieve a higher level of insight,” he said.

He continued, “Henepola Gunaratana, an influential Buddhist monk, once described it as ‘looking into something with clarity and precision, seeing each component as distinct and separate, and piercing all the way through so as to perceive the most fundamental reality of that thing’. Vipassana meditation is about training the brain to quieten down to not react to pain and pleasure impulsively.”

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