Self-Awareness101: How to diagnose and treat Depression

Mental Wellness has turned into a whole lot of things but firstly it has made people self-aware, helped them to identify the tools that bring back the balance in your life. Everyone go through rough patches in their life and are taken over with a wave of sadness and frustration. There are 322 million people who suffer from depression and continue to go through their lives looking for the silver lining, sometimes they grow distant and sometimes leap for a window.


Although the phrase, “I’m really depressed today” typically refers to a mood rather than depression. Depression disorders last a lifetime and can only be tackled through therapy, medication and support systems. More than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression and is one of the most common mental disorders. According to various clinical psychologists, the feeling of sadness are healthy. Although if the episodes prolong more than two weeks, it should be taken seriously.

Amongst the entire process, the most overwhelming step is to find a therapist who fits your needs and share similar understanding. Releasing the emotional pressure through therapy helps in relieving stress and brings joy.


According to WHO, depression is the single largest contributor of global disability and suicide deaths. It is necessary to create safe spaces and make room for therapy. One must always remember, the first step to cure depression is to take time and find a therapist. It is highly important to discover a mental health regime and acknowledge a medication routine. Every step is part of the process and helps you acknowledge your worth. Evidently, psychotherapy is the first step taken to treat forms of depression, and medication being the second option which implies different stigmas attached to drugs and their health risks. Researchers now are looking for ways to develop a medication-free, non-invasive, personal medical devices which can physically and mentally address depression and increasing database of the disease and its causes.

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