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How Society has got Depression in Men All Wrong

Mahatma Gandhi’s three wise monkeys very clearly told the world how to lead a simple and worthwhile life. However, we somehow gave some entirely new definitions to it, and came to a conclusion that depression, especially in men, lies in the bad category.

The phrase ‘man up’ has been in prevalent usage throughout. We use it without giving much thought. However, the psychology that was used to put these words together and use them, has left many ailing men speechless. We have been taught to think of ourselves as strong, and are always asked to believe that we can be entirely in control of our emotions.

Talking about despair, discussing the problems that man are facing is considered a sign of weakness. Gulping down the emotions and never speaking about them has become a symbol of bravery. While it is normal to feel all the emotions including dips in mood, disappointments, it is abnormal to talk about it.

Men usually lack the confidence to talk about it, and focus on the symptoms that usually accompany it. Back pains, headaches, sleeping problems, sexual disorders are what they seek treatment for, leaving behind the underlying problem.

The lack of realizing and gauging depression symptoms is natural with men. More likely to deny the feelings, and mask them when socializing, despondent mood, loss of interest in conversations and activities, changing the routine and staying away from people, weight loss and irregular sleeping patterns are some of the indicators that should not be ignored.

Not only the ones going through, it is also the responsibility of people around to keep a check on the men who do not look in their element and are changing their habits or work patterns.

In order to look for depression and anxiety in men, see if any of the following symptoms prevail for a time longer than expected.

Physical pain: When persistent back pain, headaches, sleeping problems and digestive disorders stop responding to the regular treatments, it is time to seek a psychiatrist.

Anger: Men can become angry and violent when facing depression for a while. It I likely that the changes will include irritability, loss of sense of humor and inability to accept criticism in a healthy manner. What’s worse is that some men become controlling and abusive.

Uncontrolled behavior: Drugs, physical abuse, reckless driving, dangerous activities are amongst the few changes that might be visible. Drinking and gambling are also a part of the changes that happen in the routine.

If any of the mentioned symptoms overpower someone’s nature, it is crucial that they talk about it. If the person is not speaking but there are visible differences, make sure you ask them about it.

Talking to a loved one, or a doctor and sharing the thoughts going on inside the head is the first step towards healing. Depression is curable, but only when we, as a society look at it as a challenge and not a problem.

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