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Feeling suicidal? Here are some effective measures to get rid of Suicidal Thoughts!

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of deaths in the United States, claiming lives of approximately 47,000 Americans each year and India has one of the highest suicide rates among those aged 15-29 years. The country accounts for over a third of global suicides among women each year.

Considering the fact that suicide isn’t a physical condition that can be identified easily, it needs extra attention. In most circumstances, it is difficult to identify a person contemplating suicide. Below listed warning signs can serve as useful information to understand the need for suicide prevention:

  1. Irregular sleeping and eating habits
  2. Dramatic Mood swings
  3. Avoiding conversation with fellow beings and spending the most time in isolation
  4. Expressing depressing thoughts and saying that there is nothing in life to live for
  5. Searching for means to do some personal harm using sharp objects or poison
  6. Unusual consumption of alcohol or drugs, especially in case of a person who doesn’t drink otherwise
  7. Extreme levels of self-condemnation and not believing in one’s capabilities
  8. Expressing regret about being alive or being born

In most scenarios, suicidal ideas can be actualized when a person is dealing with mentally overpowering situations. There can be several reasons for the same including financial issues, sexual abuse, relationship break ups, academic stress, work-related pressure or unemployment and lack of self-confidence.

Some conditions that can be linked to a higher risk of suicide are: Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Borderline personality disorder, gender dysphoria, social anxiety, etc.

Suicide Prevention Measures:

Express yourself:

Sometimes it is hard to express our feelings because we might feel that no one will understand the underlying cause. However, asking for a little emotional support or help from family, friends and sometimes even strangers can work wonders.

Lend an ear:

If you come across someone who shows suicidal ideation, don’t shy from being a lending an ear to them. It is said that being ‘heard’ and having someone to make you feel important is the best medicine in such situations. After that, you can convince the person to seek professional help.

Realize the temporariness of Suicidal Feelings:

Feeling hopeless is alright, but one must realize that after every dark night comes a bright morning!


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a help center one can reach out to. A trained counselor is available on “800-273-8255” at any time of the day/night. In the case of physical injuries due to failed suicidal attempts, one must visit a doctor as soon as possible. Post necessary first aid treatment, the doctor will examine and question about past signs of attempted suicide.

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