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On World Heart Day, AMRI Hospitals campaigns to educate people about Cardiovascular Diseases

Owing to an increase in the number of heart diseases, AMRI Hospitals Kolkata launched an awareness campaign on World Heart Day, September 29.

AMRI Hospital Dhakuria hosted an open air early morning session at Rabindra Sarobar Lake. Morning walkers were briefed about the dangers of heart diseases and were given answers to their queries. The team of cardiologists interacted with people and educated them about the possible risks and prevention. Caps and t-shirts with the AMRI logo were also distributed in order to encourage people to come and interact with the team. Patients discharged on World Heart Day also received AMRI mugs.

Cardiologists at AMRI Hospitals, one of the best cardiac hospitals in Kolkata, said, “Eliminating a disease requires massive effort. Despite significant efforts to wipe out heart diseases, they have claimed many lives. Claiming 17.3 million lives every year, they still pose a major threat to human life.”

The campaign was also taken online with #BeatTheRisk. The online campaign spoke about heart risks, diseases, and preventive measures. World Heart Day is held in association with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Replicating the efforts of AMRI Hospital Kolkata, AMRI Hospital Bhubaneswar organized a walkathon. A health screening camp was organized at the Town Hall in Berhampur.

World Heart Day, over the years, has become a platform for generating awareness among the masses. Every year, different nations across the world organize campaigns and educate the people. Efforts like these from AMRI Hospitals set an example for other hospitals, while raising awareness about cardiovascular problems.

Experts at AMRI Hospitals added, “A few changes in your lifestyle such as eating healthy, avoiding alcohol and smoking can lead to a major impact on your heart heath.” Also, they highlighted the need to keep a check on the levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, and Body Mass Index (BMI) for ensuring a healthy heart.

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