Cataract awareness month

Cataract Awareness Month: Small Steps Towards Good Vision for Life

Sight and vision keep you connected with your surroundings. Majority of all what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. Protecting your vision reduces the odds of blindness and severe eye diseases such as cataract.

A highly common eye disease – cataract results in the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. In the initial stage, the proteins in your eye start forming clumps which hinder clear vision. Although, this condition does not result in a major problem at first, it begins to get severe with time.

Medical studies show that it is mainly the elderly who are more prone to this medical condition. However, the people belonging to younger age groups can develop it too. Most common symptoms of cataract include blurred vision, difficulty in seeing at night, double vision and faded vision of colours. It is mainly caused by the factors like excess production of oxidants, use of tobacco, UV rays, stress, etc.

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In the wake of increasing number of cataract patients, June is declared as the cataract awareness month. It is aimed at creating awareness around this medical condition through social media, awareness campaigns, and programs, marathons, etc. Such initiatives and measures can surely help in keeping a check on this medical condition.

As per the medical experts, early detection and timely treatment can prove to be highly effective in preventing this medical condition. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can also prove to be helpful. This is where the initiatives like cataract awareness month can help in safeguarding people against this medical condition.

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