Through the eyes of time: 15 things nobody told you about ageing

Ageing is a term that is rarely used in the circles most of us hang around with. Much of our time is consumed by our work, family life, plans for vacations and other trivial things. So much so that a majority of us wake up one day and are hit with the realization that we will never be as young again as we are at that moment.

However, it is not all that bad. While we may have heard of the hardships associated with growing old, one hardly ever hears about the other side of the coin – the positives. So, let us look at the 15 things nobody tells you about ageing.

  1. Talk to the hand

What the world thinks of you will start to matter less. You have seen enough to understand that people’s opinion of you hardly matters and that no matter what you do, there will always be someone who gets offended.

  1. I feel you brother

While you could care less about what others think, you are more empathetic towards others. The insight you have gained will help you get along better with your loved ones and colleagues.

  1. My bad

As you live through the years, being right loses its importance. You learn the importance of listening to others and weighing up all sides to an argument or point.

  1. Less is more

You start to realize that more often than not, what we want is usually in excess of what we need. Growing old opens our eyes to the fact that sometimes, less is more.

  1. Words of wisdom

The experiences you had and the battles you fought have led you to this moment now. You are armed with the know-how of multiple things which will come in handy.

  1. Who am I to judge?

Remember the times you had the burning itch to judge every single person that looked your way? Well, I have good news. As you advance through the years, people and relationships start to matter more than petty opinions.

  1. Criticism? What’s that?

Criticism is the farthest thing from your mind as you go through the stages of life. You begin to understand the futility of criticizing people, instead focusing on positive reinforcement.

  1. You do you

Who amongst us has not fought off the urge to offer unsolicited advice to another? Nobody like to be given advice they didn’t ask for. You gained this gem of an insight and have since withheld from dishing out advice left and right.

  1. The early bird

Changing sleep patterns as you pile on the years can cause several issues. You fall asleep earlier but you wake up earlier too. Now you can go and watch the sun come up as a new day rises.

  • Migraines? More like bye-graines

70 seems to be the magic age when your migraines finally pack up and leave. Even if you still do, the good news is that it may not be accompanied by customary headaches.

  • I’m the big man

Remember the first time you had to make a decision? It scared you but not anymore. The years have blessed you with an air of confidence that only comes with experience.

  • Thicker than thieves

As you accumulate the years on your head, your children grow up too and become individuals in their own right with families and perhaps children of their own. Your relationship with them transform into that of friends who share a blood bond.

  • Mom, Dad?

Life has taught you why your parents acted the way they did and you now have a new-found respect for them. You also resonate with them better as you have shared the rite of growing old together.

  • A badge of pride

You slowly learn to wear your wrinkles with pride. Wrinkles are a testament to the long and blessed lives we have lived – our stories etched into every single line and crease.

  • Gratitude

Having reached this far, you realize how blessed you have been. Not everyone grows old and you are grateful for being one of the lucky few to have lived through all your experiences.

Ageing is a constant process that begins the moment we are born. Instead of fighting it, learning to accept it and living our lives to the fullest is the best we can do.

Daniel is our UK-based freelance Editor. As part of our quest towards credible news, Doctor's Clinic Blog India affiliates with individuals from other parts of the world to provide an in-depth focus on essential topics. Daniel received his degree from the University of Sheffield, and since then, worked to multiple sites as a freelance contributor and editor.

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