Knee Replacement Surgery

It’s easy to sail through knee replacement surgery: Expert Advice

If you are suffering from the mildest of knee pain, it’s best to consult a knee doctor at the earliest, before the ailment  snow balls into something huge. Knee ailment, if not treated on time, can hamper your immobility. “Arthritis is no longer an old-age disease. It can afflict people as early as in their forties, and can cause excruciating pain, besides damaging knee bone surfaces and surrounding cartilage,” informs a veteran Knee Replacement Surgery specialist at MGS Hospital.

Doctors suggest Total Knee Replacement Surgery is one solution to keep permanent disability and pain at bay. Also known as Knee Arthroplasty, in this procedure, an orthopaedician evaluates a patient’s knee before suggesting to undergo a Knee Replacement Surgery.

Because knee replacement is related to your mobility, it might demand some mental and physical preparation.

A group of surgeons from MGS Hospital suggests anyone thinking of getting a knee surgery, should follow these tips:

Prepare your body

  • Do away with fast food, have nutritious meals instead.
  • Take additional intake of protein in your diet to strengthen your bones and muscles. This will speed up your recovery after the surgery.
  • Avoid smoking, as it can hamper your blood vessels and lungs, and slow down your recovery.
  • Put some time aside to exercise daily. This will strengthen your body and prepare you for rehabilitation.

Ease your mind

  • Harbour positive thoughts towards the surgery.
  • Post-surgical pain is imminent. Prepare yourself to tackle it well.
  • Keep in touch with close family members and friends. They can help mitigate pre-surgery worries.

Preparations at home

  • Invest in a robust walking aid. You will need it after the surgery.
  • Arrange for an adjustable bed that would put less stress on your movements. You could enquire about agencies that provide medical beds on rent.
  • Since mobility will be restricted in the initial phase, hire a trained nurse or attendant.
  • Install a raised toilet seat so that you don’t have to bend around your knee after surgery.
  • The bathroom can be a danger zone if it’s not well-equipped. Buy sponges with long handles, and install hand rails in the bathroom to lend you sturdy support.
  • Ensure your house floor is not littered with wires, small furniture and other such articles to avoid tripping.

Knee Replacement can give you a new lease of life. But it’s important to keep a positive approach towards the surgery for quick healing. Get in touch with the expert knee replacement team at MGS Hospital to learn more about preparedness. You could visit to book an appointment.

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  1. Jack Titchener 22 September, 2017 at 23:13 Reply

    I think having a positive state of mind is half the battle. I really like your tip on investing in something like a cane or a walker. This way you can ensure your own safety and stay mobile after the surgery.

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