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Healthy Fresh Juices To Boost Your Energy

It is suggested by Ego Wellness, fitness center in Bangalore, that drinking healthy juices is one of the effective ways to boost your energy levels this summer. But don’t forget that preserved packet juices are not really the solution we are talking about. Those contain scores of artificial sugar and ingredients that will really not help you out in gaining much. On the other hand, juices extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables have greater health benefits to offer. The prominent one is to boost your energy levels, especially during the scorching summer months.

Green Juice

Most people are addicted to tea or coffee for attaining energy boost, but what they actually receive is a boost of caffeine content in their bodies that is only leading to health problems. Try green juice in its place that is rich on chlorophyll. It helps in enhancing the oxygenation functions and improve brain functioning. It also perks up the overall energy levels.

  • How to make

Blend a few celery stalks together with a cucumber and a bunch of parsley/ coriander, spinach and kale. Churn the ingredients with the help of a blender with some ginger and lime juice. For people suffering from low blood pressure, salt can be added as well.

Sunshine Juice

This is considered as the morning juice because it keeps you energetic all day long. It fills the tummy plus it is also a rich source of vitamin C. It is prepared using strawberries and grapefruits, which boost up energy levels and endow with antioxidants too.

  • How to make

Take around 10-12 strawberries along with a grapefruit. Mix the grapefruit segments with the strawberries and drink without straining.

Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice is usually available in the streets of India and you can actually feel that explosion of energy after drinking a medium glass of it. This juice also helps in enhancing the digestive functions.

  • How to make

Take peeled and chopped sugar cane lumps and mix in the mixture. Strain the juice well since these are fibers you cannot gulp down. Further you can add some lime for freshness.

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