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Emergency Medical Services – Global Trends and Indian Scenario

Emergency numbers like 911 have been prevalent in the US from a long time. In India, companies Ziqitza Healthcare Limited have bridged the gap of emergency medical services.

Emergency Medical Services save countless lives throughout the world, while operating in challenging conditions. The evolution of emergency services has certainly benefited the common man. Especially, the last couple of decades have witnessed a rise in the number of emergency platforms available to the public.

There have been drastic changes in the way this sector has evolved over the years. Emergency numbers like 911 have been prevalent in the US from a long time. People can reach out to the police, fire brigade and other emergency services in a short span of time. UK has developed its own 999 emergency service, while France has its own EMS.

Today, all the nations have developed some kind of centralized EMS network. The citizen are able to access these EMS services from almost anywhere. With the advent of smartphones, the emergency services are only as far as a tap on the phone. Although a phone call is still an accessible option, there are plenty of apps that will get you the desired emergency care in the shortest possible time.

There are a lot of challenges for the emergency healthcare sector. From infrastructure to funds, from congested roads to various modes of transportation. But, the EMS has found its way through.

However, when it comes to India, the scenario is quite different. A couple of decades ago, Emergency Services were not common in the country. The ambulance services available were few and far fetched. The condition of ambulances wasn’t good enough to cater to the serious emergency issues. Without trained medical professional on board, the quality of service was also compromised.

However, the things have changed in the last 15-20 years. The advent of GPS technology has further helped in the advancement of the healthcare emergency services. Companies like Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, co-founded by Shweta Mangal, have bridged the gap between emergency healthcare services and the patients in need. Not only the services have improved, but the time span has also been reduced. With medical professional on board, the advanced ambulances are able to cater to all the medical emergencies in the best possible way.

We have seen services like 102 and 108 being rolled out across various states in India. It’s not just the ambulance being used for providing emergency healthcare services, but even the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals can also be reached in the shortest possible time to tackle any kind of medical emergency.

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