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Eggs and the man: 7 amazing health benefits of eggs

They say that big things often come in small packages and it could not be truer when it comes to eggs. Dubbed as “Nature’s Superfood”, eggs contain at least 13 essential vitamins and minerals that promote lasting health benefits. When it comes to meeting nutritional requirements, eggs are at the top of the pecking order.

So, let us go through some of the proven health benefits of including eggs in your diet.

  • Eggs are considered to be one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. An average serving of two eggs takes care of your daily vitamin D, vitamin B2, folate, and selenium requirements.
  • Consumption of eggs can increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or the ‘good cholesterol’. High HDL level has been linked to lower chances of heart diseases, strokes and other heart problems.
  • Choline is another important nutrient found in eggs. While the body produces choline naturally in the liver, most people don’t produce enough to meet daily requirements. Eggs provide double the amount of choline than any other comparable food.
  • A single large egg contains about six grams of the highest-quality protein available. Proteins are essentially the building blocks of life and are required for the development, maintenance and repair of muscles and tissues.
  • Did you know that a serving of two eggs is enough to provide you with 82 per cent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin D? Yes, egg yolks are chock full of vitamin D.
  • There’s a reason why eggs are usually consumed for breakfast. Eggs are naturally filling and keep hunger at bay for longer periods. Very useful if you are watching your weight and want to control your snacking.
  • Interestingly, eating eggs can alleviate stress and mental issues. The combination of vitamins B2 and B12, choline, iron, tryptophan and lysine reduces anxiety, depression and promotes deep sleep.

Eggs are pretty much nature’s all-rounder when it comes to food. Not only are they cheap, they are also super-easy to prepare and complement any other food. Cherry on top, they taste great too and make for an egg-cellent choice.

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