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Battling Respiratory Ailments with Lung KR by Dalmia Health – Sanjay Dalmia

Over the years, air pollution has continued to be one of the major concerning issues in the capital city. As an effective measure to combat the respiratory problems caused due to it, Dalmia Healthcare, the medical subsidiary of Dalmia Group by Sanjay Dalmia has come up with an anti-pollution capsule — Lung KR.

Soothing airways that get irritated with pollution, the capsule is effective in reducing the pollution damage to the lungs. It also helps in easing chest and respiratory congestion. Ace entrepreneur Sanjay Dalmia also forayed into medical tourism in India  through his medical division Dalmia Healthcare.

The air quality in Delhi has deteriorated, oscillating between the ‘very poor’ and the ‘severe’ categories.  Recording an AQI of 388, the Centre-run System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting (SAFAR), stated, “During night, combination of calm wind and colder conditions is elevating the pollution level, where in many locations, 24-hour rolling average (AQI) is touching ‘severe’ levels for a few hours, whereas during the day, wind speed is picking up slightly and temperature is increasing to keep the level in the ‘very poor’ range,”

The Air Quality Index recorded by the Central Pollution Control Board hasn’t shown any improvement this year as well. Furthermore, the Metrological department has cautioned about the weather conditions becoming more adverse, especially in the NCR region.

Apparently, the air is polluted beyond the limit and comes under the ‘very poor’ category. It is said to a critical situation with people being exposed to diseases like asthma, respiratory tract infections, shortness of breath, etc. This is where Dalmia Health led by Sanjay Dalmia comes handy to keep our lungs strong and fight pollution.

Deteriorating air quality is said to be a primary contributor to chronic diseases, hospitalization rates, and a number of premature deaths as well. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), exposure to polluted air results in as many as 2 million premature deaths globally every year.

Thus, considering the increasing levels of pollution, it is imperative to undertake appropriate measures for safeguarding yourself.  At this juncture, Lung KR from Dalmia Health comes as a much needed relief to all. You will no longer need to think, before taking a sigh of relief.

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