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Bariatric surgery- best option for anyone who cannot lose weight through diet or exercise

With the increasing prevalence of obesity there exist a variety of weight loss surgeries. Among them, Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective procedures for people with extreme obesity. The experienced medics at AMRI Hospital Bhubaneswar believe that it is the best option for anyone who cannot lose weight through diet, exercise or has some serious health issues due to obesity.

Various studies show that, apart from a significant weight loss, bariatric surgeries also help in recovering from diabetes, alleviate the cardiovascular risk factors and lead to a mortality reduction from 40 to 23 per cent.

There are 7 types of weight loss surgery (also called “bariatric surgery”), which include:

  • Gastric Sleeve – A surgical weight-loss procedure in which the stomach is reduced to about 15% of its original size. Also known as Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, it is considered the ‘gold standard’ of weight loss surgery. It helps in making the patient feel less hungry and full sooner while eating. A number of studies have shown that this surgery is as effective as the roux-en-Y gastric bypass in terms of weight loss and remission of diabetes.
  • Gastric Bypass – A procedure that alters the way your stomach and small intestine handles food. It is effective in making the patient feel full sooner while eating and absorbing fewer minerals. Health experts at AMRI Hospital Bhubaneswar explain that a number of changes are produced in the gut hormones due to rerouting of the food stream in Gastric bypass surgery. The changes help in promoting satiety, suppressing hunger, and reversing one of the primary mechanisms by which obesity induces type 2 diabetes.
  • Duodenal Switch –Decreases the appetite of the patient by making him feel less hungry and full sooner while eating. It also helps in absorbing fewer calories and minerals. It is a combination of a gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery which results in more weight loss than any other procedure.
  • LAP-BAND – Designed for obese patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or greater, a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (commonly called a lap-band) is intended to slow down the consumption of food. The procedure involves an inflatable silicone device which is placed around the top portion of the stomach to treat obesity. AMRI Hospital Bhubaneswar states that it helps in making the patient full sooner while eating.
  • Gastric Balloon – A non-surgical weight-loss procedure that takes less than 15 minutes. It involves inserting a small silicon balloon into a patient’s stomach which helps in making him feel full sooner while eating.
  • vBloc Therapy – Addresses hunger and fullness through brain and body communications. It makes the patient feel full between meals and less hungry while eating.
  • AspireAssist – An innovative treatment reducing the number of calories absorbed by your body. It is a stomach-draining procedure which drains a portion of stomach contents after eating.

Despite the high success rate of these surgeries, people tend to regain some weight later on. AMRI Hospital Bhubaneswar suggests following a strict diet and exercise recommendations to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

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    Yes, it is best option, but you are really planning to loose weight, please do some exercises or daily walk which is very important for you health as well.

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