Ego Wellness- How Protein Can Rejuvenate Your Hair

How Protein Can Rejuvenate Your Hair

Did you know that hair is basically a very specific type of protein known as keratin? As simple as that, to have healthy hair, you must have sufficient protein in your diet, which will get transmitted to the hair. If your hair looks dull and damaged, protein insufficiency might be the reason. In that case, the finest way to ensue would be opting for healthy protein treatments. Such treatments are beneficial for people having shabby split ends or awfully damaged hair. When such hair are given right protein treatments, each strand get infused with a new lease of life. The protein fills up the gaps that are prevailing in the hair, making the hair stronger and more hard-wearing to breakage and further damage.

On the other hand, there is a maximum limit to how much protein hair can intake, because excess of a good thing is also not good. While hair does necessitate protein, it also needs moisture, so it is crucial to maintain a balance amid the two. Often, people make use of hot styling tools, like curling or straightening irons, too regularly. When hair gets exposed to extreme heat, the natural moisture of the hair evaporates, leaving them dry, curly, disorderly and also weak.
Keratin and protein treatments should be taken as stated by some qualified hair care professional. So, consult your doctor or a good salon such as Ego Wellness, because they will be able to direct you about the acceptable treatments.
At the time of taking a protein treatment, it would be sensible to cover up your head with a cap, preferably a heating cap. The heat will support with the opening up of the cuticles, which indicates that the healing will be able to get into deeper ends. Like this, the authentic structure of the hair will be revamped and thus, you will once again have healthy hair.


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