Yoga is above region, faith: says PM Modi on 5th International Yoga Day

Celebration at Prabhat Tara ground, Jharkhand by Modi who specified that the government has been working to make Yoga a pillar of preventive healthcare.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who recently performed Yoga along with 40,000 participants at the Prabhat Tara ground in Ranchi, Jharkhand said that everybody should practice this lifelong.

Events to commemorate the day are being held across the nation and many of them are being led by Union Ministers, including Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Home Minister Amit Shah.

PM Modi also mentioned that the government’s motive is to make Yoga a pillar of preventive healthcare.

Expressing concern over vulnerability of young population to heart ailments, Modi said that yoga can play a huge role in tackling the issue and hence this year’s theme is “Yoga for Heart”. He also appealed to the people to take yoga to all sections of the society.

“We should make efforts to take yoga from cities to villages, tribal areas. Yoga is above region, above faith, above everything,” Modi said while addressing the gathering.

He also ensured them about strengthening of infrastructure in the coming years for furtherance of yoga.

Encouraging people to establish yoga a part of daily routine, Mr. Modi added, “Peace and Harmony are related to Yoga. People across the globe must practice it.”

The prime minister had arrived here Thursday night to participate in the main event on the International Yoga Day.

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. Since 2015, the International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on 21st June. Also on December 1, 2016, it was accorded as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

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