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Palak Tiwari’s fitness secret revealed: All you need to know

It is true when dieticians and nutritionists say, ‘You are what you eat’. Just ask Palak Tiwari. The latest star kid to break into the scene, Palak Tiwari has been very particular about her physique. The young starlet has a fan following of millions and rightly so. Who wouldn’t with a body like hers?

If you’ve ever wondered about Palak Tiwari’s fitness secret and how she maintains her fit and gorgeous look, wonder no more. The actor has shared some of the secrets to get a body like hers.

Palak Tiwari’s diet

  • Two to three glasses of lukewarm water in the morning
  • Stick to home-cooked meals like dal rice and roti sabzi
  • Green salad is a must (props if you snack on them)
  • Fruits and vegetables as much as possible

Palak Tiwari’s big NO-Nos

  • Avoid sugar and junk food like crazy

Fitness routine

  • Experimenting is the key to Palak Tiwari’s fitness secret. She doesn’t restrict herself to a particular work-out regime
  • She incorporates monkey bars and combat rope routines in her schedule
  • Bosu ball exercises is another favourite of hers. She even posted an Instagram video where she can be seen performing balance squats on the Bosu ball
  • Weightlifting, cardio and core strengthening exercises are also important components of here workout regime

Palak Tiwari is a self-confessed fitness freak just like her mother, Shweta Tiwari. The mother-daughter duo often workout together and it’s an inspiring sight for mothers and daughters everywhere. Palak’s gorgeous physique is the result of a disciplined lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating habits, good nutrition, and exercises to top it off.

However, even the actor admits that she loves to gorge on a cheat meal every now and then. That is also a part of Palak Tiwari’s fitness secret! Her go-to cheat meal is a pizza. Fries, burgers and chocolates are also on the table when she feels like she deserves one.

Palak Tiwari knows that maintaining a figure like hers requires a lot of determination and hard work, and she has put in the miles herself. While she may be a role model to many who dream of flaunting similar curves, she also serves as a reminder that a cheat meal once in a while doesn’t hurt. After all, it’s your happiness and satisfaction that counts.


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