How to overcome a mental block

How to overcome a mental block that disrupt your workout routine?

How to overcome a mental blockWorking out is one of the activities that has a spot on everyone’s to-do list. However, most of the times, exercising does not go as planned and we end up procrastinating. This is a direct result of mental blocks that most of us experience.

There can be multiple reasons such as pressure, burnout, anxiety, stress etc. that can lead to mental blocks. Also, it is very common to experience this at times and there are ways you can bring back the motivation needed to start working out.

  • Break your goal into smaller pieces

    Often, people set a mammoth goal and then deviate from achieving it. The idea is to break it into smaller pieces, making each goal achievable in a short span of time.

Chewing-off one bite at a time boosts the performance and therefore, helps maintain the confidence needed.

  • Change your training environment

    Ask yourself if you feel motivated enough when you workout. If the answer is no, it’s time to reconsider your training environment. If the gym does not motivate you enough, trying out a yoga class might do the trick. There are multiple options that you can choose from.

If you still haven’t figured out what you want, think about it and make a positive change in your life.

  • Believe it to do it

    Lets suppose you have been dead-lifting 100 KG for a while and want to increase your limit. However, you try and don’t succeed even after many attempts. The reason behind this could be the fear of getting an injury.

In this case, you need to train your mind into believing that you have already done it. Imagine yourself the way it would be after you dead-lift more than 100 KG. The results will surely vary once you do so.

  • Don’t let failure de-motivate you

    There will be times when you will not reach the goal you decided for that day. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Every day is not the same. If failure happens, it’s time to step back and rethink your routine. Make the necessary changes and come back stronger the next day.

Every small step counts in the process of getting fit. The perfect strategy is always the one which pushes you a little out of your comfort zone every day and helps you bring gradual changes. Make the necessary alterations in your work-out routine and you will see the results in no time.


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